Knack (PS4) Review

This is a game I first saw when the PS4 was first released but since then I haven’t seen anything been mentioned about it. Well I was searching for a new game to play as saw this for £4 I had to buy it and see if the game is any good. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Here is my video review of Knack on the PS4

We get to play as a small character that consists of relics, the more relics he can find then the bigger he will become. We play as Knack to try and stop the impending war against the goblins, it is doing this that we get to discover how the numerous different sizes of Knack can be useful for different challenges. It is later in the game that Knack discovers that he can form with other types of items as well such as Ice and Wood if there aren’t enough relics around to be used. While fighting with the goblins to try and stop the war, it is found out that it is something else that is going to be a bigger problem for the world and it is going to be up to knack to stop it.

For me the story is meh, you could tell what was going to happen quickly as the game stopped showing the goblin boss around chapter 7 and there was still another 6 chapters to go. I got bored of the story around chapter 4 and after that I just started skipping all the cut scenes as they were far to long for such a boring story.

The gameplay I thought was okay, but I think they could have done a much better job. When Knack is small then the game seems to play very well, the character moves around perfectly and he punches exactly when you press the button but when he gets into his larger forms that is when the game seems to have trouble. When he is in his larger form then everything starts to slow down, and this is when things start to go wrong, when you push the button for a punch then it takes the character so long to do this that you sort of have to guess where the enemy is going to be if they are moving around otherwise you will miss. It is also the case when you are in a large form when you come across enemies that are small then you have to pinpoint your punch to perfection or you are going to miss and probably take damage.

Music is good for the game and I was quite surprised when I re listened to the soundtrack to get a better understanding of it. When playing, the music does help you get into a groove and make you want to play the game for longer as you want to hear more music (even if the gameplay is crappy)

Right now, the boss battles! What the fuck is the point of them, they are the easiest pieces of shit ever to beat. When it comes to a boss battle you are expected to use all the skills you have learnt throughout the game to beat them. Not make every boss battle the same thing where you dodge a few attacks and get a 3-hit combo on the boss 3 times to win, this is just bullshit.

Do I think you should buy this game? Yeah I do, it is going for cheap right now and it is an alright game to spend 10 hours beating, but whatever you do don’t expect a lot for your money.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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