Pokémon Adventures Part 1 (Manga) Review

This is a book I have wanted to read for a long time now, but I have never gotten into manga before so I didn’t know if I would like it or not. I saw a box of set of Pokémon Manga on sale on amazon for £20 and thought this is a perfect chance to buy and see if I like the produce or not. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the life of Red who is a Pokémon trainer from Pallet town and is considered to be one of the best trainers in the town, but he wants to get to more about Pokémon and thinks it is time to pay a visit to Professor Oak and find out more. It is during his visit to oak that he is asked to fill up a Pokedex and go on an adventure to find all the Pokémon in the world. It is during this adventure that Red finds his Rival Blue and discovers that they are totally different trainers aiming for the same thing, to be the best they can.

The aim of Red is a lot like Ash’s from the anime but there are a lot of differences between the two, while Red does have a Pikachu it is not his main Pokémon, Reds main Pokémon is Poliwhirl/Poliwrath. While Ash has got no idea what anything is when he first starts as a trainer, Red seems to know everything which is a nice change as I am currently watching the first season of the Anime and reading about the series and finding out that Red knows things and isn’t being stupid is great. I do like the story as it is taking a difference sort of style from the show, as instead of just focusing on where the next gym battle is going to be he is just focusing on finding new Pokémon.

The story is also a lot darker then the show, this is because we get to see actual death threats and Pokémon dying in battle, for example we get to see an Onix get blown to pieces and a Arbok being sliced in half. This is without a doubt Pokémon for an older audience.

The art is very good and I was enjoying reading the story as well as looking all the pictures but unlike a graphic novel the pictures didn’t help towards the story as they basically all had words in them contributing to the story. Some of the images where hard to make out what was going on which didn’t help the flow of the read as I kept trying to look at the picture to try and figure out what had happened.

What I did find weird was reading back to front but as the books saying one the last page that it is sticking to traditional Japanese style for a better read.

Aaron Morrsi



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