Saga Volume 3 (Graphic Novel) Review

After having a browse on amazon and finding out that this series was on sale I just had to buy the next two volumes in the series as I was loving everything I was seeing and reading. Anyway, it is time for a review.


At the end of volume 2 we get to see Alana, Marko and the rest of the family hiding in the attic of Heists house. We start volume 3 a week before this and we get to find out what exactly happened before Prince IV shows up. We get to see how the relationship between The Will and Gwendolyn is going and how they are coping with their sort of adopted daughter. The new addition to this book is we get to see two reporters who are trying to write a story about Alana and how she betrayed her kind and fell in love with a guy with horns.

The story for me just seems to be getting a lot more exciting with each passing volume as I get to know more about the family and how they are coping with the idea they are going to be on the run forever and wondering what they are going to do for money. With every chapter in the book then you know you are going to get even more action and have zero filler which for me is great. I also like how some parts of the novel are being told from the point of view of the baby, this does sort of spoil that she is going to survive but also we get to know what life was like from her point of view which is great.

The relationship with The Will and Gwendolyn is weird and I love it, I love seeing how two people who hate each other at the start end up falling for each other but neither of them want to admit it. Plus, the fact that they technically have a kid just makes the situation even better.

The journalist are new to the series but I am enjoying them as they are doing something that no one else has done so far and trying to find out the true story behind Alana and the prison escapee. They will do anything to get their story even getting shot which is a great to see.

The art is just as great as ever and adds to the story as we get full pages of art to help show where everything is happening and help add to the story. The art is probably the best I have seen in a graphic novel and really helps to keep me reading throughout the series and I cant wait to get onto the next one.

Please read this series as I think it will be a great pass time for all plus it is a great story and great art so what is not to love.

Aaron Morrsi


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