Saga Volume 4 (Graphic Novel) Review

After reading the third instalment into the series I had to dive right into the fourth and out more about the story and lives of the characters. Anyway, it is time for a review.


In this instalment, we get to see how the relationship between Marko and Alana is going now that Alana has got a full-time job and Marko has become a full-time dad. We get to see how Marko’s mother is coping with another death of a person she had become close to. Find out how Gwendolyn is doing with the condition of The Will and how she is coping with looking after Sophie on her own. We are also introduced to a brand-new character known as The Brand which is The Will’s sister.

For me the story in this one varies from being interesting such as with the relationship between Marko and Alana to being more filler type with the journalists getting a smaller part then in the last book and only showing up rarely making it seem more of a filler story than anything else.

I loved how the story is going with Marko and Alana as we get to see cracks in what I originally thought was going to be a perfect relationship. For me this has made the relationship even more interesting than it was before, now we have the introduction of a rival to Alana and how she has been away from the family because of work is causing her to miss parts of Hazels growing up.

Of course, we have Gwendolyn who is looking for some way to bring back The Will to his normal fitness, she is doing so by training up Sophie to help her out to find a spell that will do what doctors aren’t. This is also where get to the introduction of The Brand, and from the moment I saw her on the page I knew that I wanted to know more about her. I just know that this part of the story is going to be great and I can’t wait to get onto the next volume to find out more.

Like I said before I found the very few scenes that the journalist was in just seemed to be filler with very little progression in the story regarding them until the final scene. I do want to know what they are going to do with the story they wrote.

I am not going to spoil the ending expect I can’t wait to see how the unexpected partnership is going to work out and how that the polar bear like creature is super cute and I want one.

Of course, the art is still great and is probably the best thing about the comic and is also the main reason why I am still reading through the series as I think it is that good.

Aaron Morrsi

Graphic Novel


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