Pokemon Advenutes 2 (Manga) Review

After reading the first book in the series and loving it I had to jump right into the second one and find out more about the story and how the relationship between Red and Blue is going to go. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story is probably the whole reason why I am loving this series so much, of course we follow Red try and become the best trainer in the world but that isn’t the main story any more. We see him go from town to town catching pokemon and winning badges but in this book he runs into team rocket a lot more. He gets to go inside of his base to try and find out a were a girl has gone and discovers some of their experiments and is now going to make sure that this stops happening. He even has one of his pokemon be a victim of a team rocket experiment (Eevee).

I said this in the last review of the first book but this is Pokemon for adults, a lot more adult like events happen in the series such as pokemon getting killed. I think this is why I am currently preferring the manga over the anime.

We are introduced to a new recurring character in the manga now and she is called green. The difference between Green and Red and Blue is that Green only is looking to capture a certai pokemon to try and get more money for herself which Red and Blue want to become the best trainers they can possible be. Even though Green is only out to make money that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a really strong team, even if she does steal her Squirtle. It is because of her stealing that she even meets Red in the first place as she ends up stealing his badges and his catchphrase. I really like Green as I think she adds more humour to the serious manga.

The art is still good but I did come across some panels of art that did manage to fit in with the rest of the page and keep the pace going but it is hard to make out what it is meant to be and this ruined the experience a little bit of me.

I like how fast the book seems to be going through its story, we get about 10 chapters of manga per book but with each chapter you get a new addition to the story, which just makes you want to read more. I didn’t see a single bit of filler in the book which is great as it means you just get the right amount of information to keep the story interesting.

Aaron Morrsi


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