Little Racers Street (PC) Review

This is a game I didn’t know existed until I bought it as part of a bundle on humble bundle and decided it had been a while since I last played a racing game so I thought I might as well give it a try. Anyway it is time for a review.


The only story I can find is that you are a new racer and you are trying to work your way up the ranks by buying better cars and winning more races in specific classes. You can upgrade your car till it is too powerful in the current class and it is time for you to join the higher and more difficult class. As you can tell there is barely any story and what I described is the basic summary of the game. In a racing game I need a story to keep me interested otherwise I just get bored oding the same thing again and again.

The game itself looks meh, it looks like a toy car simulator, and I know with the name that is called Little Racers Street (This is one of the worst names for a racing game I have ever heard by the way) then this is to be expected but that still doesn’t give it a reason to look so boring. The cars look like they came from a game made in 2008 not 2014 and it is the same thing with how the maps look. They are so boring, there is nothing that jumps out as making the game hard, no hard turns and if you are lucky then you might have to navigate a roundabout but that shouldn’t be the only challenge that this game has got to offer.

I want to know what sort brakes these cards have got as I want them on my future car, this is because within one second of pressing the brakes your speed goes back down to 0 and at first this is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen from a racing game, and it wasn’t until a few races in that I was even able to take corners at any sort of speed even then that involved breaking way before the corner and slowly pressing the accelator to make the speed go up slowly.

The music is alright, it is nothing amazing but not the worst I have ever heard. When listening it does make you want to go faster and try and win all the races but it is just so forgettable I don’t even know why they bothered putting it in the game.

This has got to be the worst racing game I have ever played, no story, game looks terrible and controls horrible and with the worst title of a game ever I am very much stumped to how after 284 reviews on steam this game is classed as very positive. Don’t buy this game as you can spend your £5 ($7) on something a lot better.

Aaron Morrsi

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