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If it wasn’t for Playstation plus then I wouldn’t even know that this game exisited and seeing how I got it for free I thought I might as well give it a go and see what I make of it. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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You play as a colon in this game, which is probably the weirdest character I have ever controlled, to make matters even weirder this is a platform game so to use 2 dots as a character is going to be hard. We travel through 32 different stages and try and find all the letters of the alphabet and the & symbol as well as some hashtags to find out more about writing in different time periods.

That is pretty much it for the story, as you can see there is basically none which is a bit of a disappointment really. The only real story you get is when you read the books about different styles of writing and that was more educational then fun which just made things even worse.

I both liked and hated the gameplay in this game, I think the idea of trying to control two dots in a platformer is a great idea and is something I have never experienced before, to bad it was terrible. When running like normal the way the game played was fantastic but as soon as you jump or try and control the character while it is in the water then the game goes to shit very quickly. When jumping you are supposed to turn the character to make the jump be more accurate but the only problem with that is that the character takes forever to turn so makes the whole point of the turning pointless. When in the water and you are wanting to go in a certain direction I am almost certain that it revolves more around luck instead of actually being able to control where you are going.

The music is probably the best thing about this game, with each different font level you get tio listen to some music that is from the same sort of time as the font first released which is great as you get to hear some actual decent music. I wouldn’t associate the music with normal platforming but saying that this is not a normal platforming game so I welcome the change.

The game allows you to restart whenever you want with a press of the triangle button, so why the hell does it not do it on the puzzle stages. I am not the best with puzzle games so sometimes it takes me a while to solve them, which means I am going to get stuck a lot which means I need to restart but ohhh no the developer of the game thought it would be a good idea to not allow this feature in these levels.

While playing this game I got three different glitches and it was these that made the game just not worth playing for me. The glitches involved the colon getting stuck in letters which means I couldn’t progress any further into the level, then the camera thought it didn’t like the colon anymore and would refuse to follow it and would just continue with the rest of the level without it.

This game is not worth £6.49, so if you were thinking of buying it don’t. there are a lot better games for a the price of this game, but if you must have this game then just wait for it to be on sale for a better price.

Aaron Morrsi

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