Pokémon Season 1 (Anime) Review

After watching the first movie of Pokémon a few weeks ago I thought I might as well go and watch the first season. In the last week, I have watch 52 episodes of Pokémon and thought it would make a good review. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow a 10-year-old boy called Ash Ketchum as he makes his way to become the best Pokémon trainer in the world. He starts his journey after receiving his first Pokémon from professor oak which was a Pikachu. He slowly starts collection more and more Pokémon to add to his team which will help him challenge gym leaders and make his way to the Pokémon League where he will challenge the very best Pokémon trainer in the country. He is not alone when he is traveling as he has his new friends of Misty and Brock (both gym leaders) and each of them has their own goals they want to achieve while on their journey.

The story I found fun and interesting to watch, we get to see Ash progress from a very inexperienced trainer to becoming a very good one who has got a special bond with his Pokémon which makes them see a lot stronger than they are. The only anomaly to this is that after his charmander evolves he doesn’t see ash as a good enough trainer to be able to use him. I found this to be great as it means we get to see how hard Ash is prepared to go to try and get all his Pokémon to become his best friend. Of course, with Ash being so young he makes so many stupid mistakes that it makes you want to shout at him through the screen and tell him what he should be doing. This happens far too often for it not to be done on purpose by the writers, for example he will keep using Electric and Flying type Pokémon against Ground and Rock Pokémon, especially when he has got great encounters to them on his team.

I like Misty and Brock a lot as they add some more personality to the show making it a lot less boring then if it was just ash. We have Brock who falls in love with every single pretty girl he sees and tries anything to get a date with them, then we have misty who has a big head but always finds time to try and put ash down which is needed at some points in time.

Do I think the story is as good as it could have been? Hell, no, there are a lot of changes they could have made to make it a bit more exciting and maybe stopped using so many episodes between gym battles as filler as it does get quite boring.

This show is 18 years old and looking at the animation you can tell, the characters and surrounding areas don’t look as great as they used to look back when I first watch the series when I was 6. When you are shown some random objects every now and then instead of the label of the item being shown it is just a big squiggly mess which is very easy to notice. That doesn’t mean that the battles are just as inviting as they used to be, with the mixture of the character movements and the bright colours of all the moves then you will get right into the show and will start to forget about how it looks and just look forward to the next battle to see more bright colour.

The music is just great, whether we are talking about the intro or the poke rap or just any music that is played during a battle then it is all great. After watching all the episodes, I still look forward to listening to the theme song as it is just so good.

Do I think this show is for everyone? No, I think if you like the idea behind Pokémon then give this a watch as it will give you the basic knowledge needed to enjoy the rest of the series, whether that be games or more of the show. It is a great show and if you like the idea of it then give it a watch.

Aaron Morrsi



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