Black Mirror Season 1 Review

I wanted something more serious to watch and something short and that is when Black Mirror came into my life. In the first season, there are only 3 episodes of about 50 minutes each so I finished the first season in one sitting. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The show has a different story for each episode and no part of the story seems to go through with each new episode. The first episode was that the princess had been kidnapped and only one person had the power of being able to save her and that is the prime minster, however the only way he can save her is by following the one demand the kidnapper has and that is to have sex with a pig. Will the prime minster follow the publics opinion or will he stick to his morals and be willing to allow the princess to die. The second episode is about a future dystopia where people make money via riding an exercise bike, there is only one way out of doing this and that is buy winning the talent show. That is where we are shown the budding relationship between Bing and Abi and we are going to see just how much both of them are prepared to sacrifice in order to get out. The final episode is based on a piece of technology called the grain which records everything the human eye sees and is able to be played back to the person with the grain installed.

Each story makes you think of what you would do in this situations as well as making fun of real life situations. The second episode makes fun of shows like Britain gets talent and what people are prepared to do in order to get out of a bad situation. The first story makes you think what you would do in the situation would you stick to your morals and allow a person to die or would you take the risk. The story in each episode is just fantastic and it makes you want to stop everything and keep watching so you don’t miss a thing.

The second thing that makes this show as good as it is, is the acting. I can not fault a single member of the cast in any of the episodes as I think they all played their part perfectly. If it wasn’t for the good acting then I don’t think the show would have been as good as it was. It really grips you in from the start and with the story and acting put together it is very easy to see why.

With how much happens in each episode then you wont be getting bored of just one setting, even in 15 million merit where we see a lot of the same areas we are shown them at different parts of a timeline and we are focusing more on the budding plot line then what is happening in the back ground.

Overall this is one of the best Sci Fi tv shows I have watched in a long time, and it is without a doubt the best one I have seen since starting this website back in 2015.

Aaron Morrsi

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