Pokemon Adventures 3 (Manga) Review

This is the third instalment of the pokemon adventures manga and we get to follow red as he starts to end his journey through the Kanto league. Anyway it is time for a review.


Just like any of the other volumes so far a lot happens in this book, we follow Red as he makes his way through team rocket and trying his hardest to stop them from using a dangerous pokemon to destroy the world. Not only that but he works together with Blue to stop them and makes his way towards the Pokemon League. We also get to find out where Green comes from and what makes her the way she is.

Story wise it is great to read about the battle that Red has with trying to stop team rocket as well as get a few more gym badges while he is doing so. As we get to see Red and Blue team up we get to see an improvement in their relationship since becoming rivals in one of the first chapters in Volume 1. Not only that we get to see the battle between them with their full teams and trust me when I say it is an exciting read. But for me the part that I like the best was all about Green, she started becoming a recurring character in the second book but she slowly started to appear more and more to the point she was also battling against team rocket in the same building as Blue and Red and it is not till she meet Professor Oak that we get to discover where she really came from and what her true goal in life is.

With it being a Manga then the art is going to be an important part of the book and I can say that this is probably the best the art has been in the series so far, I only say this as in the other two book then there would be tiles that would be very hard to make it out but that doesn’t seem to be a case in this one. I enjoyed reading through the story and getting to look at the art that makes the story that much better.

This is probably the best book of the series so far so I recommened reading to get to this book as we are treated to some great story of a great series.

Aaron Morrsi

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