Duck Life App Review

This is an app I saw on the app market when I was looking for something new to play while on the train to Liverpool and seeing this game brought me back to the days I used to play it in ICT in school. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The aim of the game is to take a brand new duck who has just hatched and train them up to become the best duck in the world. The way you do this is by train 5 different abilities and take part in a tournament that has a focus on one of the abilities. It is when you get to the take on the World’s Best Duck in a race that you find out if all your training has been worth it.

Of course it is just a basic game on your phone so the story is not great and it is barely even mentioned throughout the game but it was nice to have something to aim towards at the end.

The game itself could have done with a bit more polish, a lot of the time the game worked great you pressed a button and it worked exactly how you would want it to. It is when you are trying to navigate the menu or select a duck that you come across some of the problems the games have as a lot of the time the press wont register causing you to have to press multiple times and something getting the wrong result because of this.

The game is bright and colourful which keeps your attention very well which means you want to keep playing the game until the very end. With the addition of being able to customise your duck any way you want with different colours, hairstyles and clothes. With all of this it just makes you want to like the game.

The game is free, as long as you want only want to play half of it. By the time you get past the half way point of the game then you want to finish it and complete the game, but it is at this time that they will ask you for 69p (89 cent) which I personally found to be a bit of a bad mood as it just made what was going to be a great free game to only half a free game which is just stupid.

Do I think you should get this game? yeah if you have a two hour trip coming up and want something new to play give this a shot but if not still get it anyway as you can come back and play whenever and you will have the same progress.

Aaron Morrsi



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