Black Mirror Season 2 Review

After finishing the first season, I couldn’t help myself and had to jump right into the second one to get more of the sci fi goodness that this show has got to offer. Anyway, it is time for a review.


This season we get 4 episodes (3 as part of the season and a Christmas special) which means even more stories to talk about. The first episodes was based around a couple who have just moved into a new house together before the husband dies doing an errand. The wife loves him so much she doesn’t know how she is going to be able to go on with her life in the new house and especially after she discovers she is pregnant, this is when she is told by a friend there is a way for her to get over her loss by being able to talk to him. A computer program has been made that takes all the knowledge from anything public the dead have posted on the internet and anything private that the user wants to give the program to make it more like the dead. Episode 2 is based around a woman who can’t remember who she is and where she is, the only thing she can remember is that a picture of a girl might be her daughter. As she starts running around outside to try and find people to come and help her she sees a lot of people recording her on their phones instead of trying to help. This becomes more of a problem as a person with a gun is now chasing her, but instead of getting the help she might need people are just running closing to her to get a better angle for the video. Episode 3 (and my favourite one) is based around politics and with the current election coming up in Britain I thought this was a perfect time to watch the episode. It is time for the public to choose which party they want to represent their current area with the two-main runners for the seat in parliament are Conservatives and Labour. Well that was until Waldo comes along and starts to make fun of the two runners and is told that he should run for parliament as well. However, the only problem is that Waldo is not a real thing, he is in fact a blue bear cartoon. And finally, the Christmas special called White Christmas, in this episode we are treated to an invention called cookie. This is a device which is installed into a person for one week and is then used to power a house using all the preferred settings the user likes. However, the cookie believes it is still the person and sometimes doesn’t know what to do with itself.

With the 4 episodes we get 4 great story lines that make you just want to watch more. Each one gives you more information on this future world and what it could be like for the humans. It is the White Christmas episode that we discover that everything that we have seen in the last two seasons all happen in the same world thanks to the TV being on and we get to see some tv shows such as the talent show from season 1 episode 2.

The acting is still fantastic but this time I do have one complaint and it is all because of one thing. The acting from Lenora Crichlow, I found her to be a good actor and I enjoyed most of what she did but dear god when she was supposed to cry it was just plain awful, it looks and sounded like she was laughing the whole time and it just made what was a great episode lose a few points. I really wish they sorted that out before they released the episode.

Overall the whole season looks great and is a key part in what makes you want to keep watching, that as well as the story and acting. As of this moment I cant think of another show that holds a candle to this one in the Sci-Fi genre and even then it is in a very tight battle with Game of Thrones to being my favourite show as of now.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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