Pokémon Adventures #5 Manga Review

This is the fifth book in the Pokémon Adventure series and I am starting to become slightly addicted to this series as I just want to keep finding out more about this world. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We are still following Yellow as he makes his way to find Red with the help of the 4 good gym leaders and Reds own Pokemon Pika. This time however we get to see more of Blue and Green who are also part of the team trying to find Red. Yellow knows he needs to train more as a trainer if he is going to have any chance against the Elite 4 if they happen to battle but Yellow doesn’t like the idea of having his Pokemon evolve so he is going to be limited to high of a level he is able to go with his pokemon. This means instead of battling the normal way Yellow is going to have to be very smart about how he fights in battles and hope that he is able to win with the weaker pokemon.

With each passing chapter in this book we get closer and closer to finding out where Red is and at some points it feels like he is going to be found in the next chapter to only have it be taken away from the reader. This is both frustrating and great, this is because you want to know what exactly happened with Red and the only way we are going to find out this is by having Red tell us. But it is also great because instead of Red being found easily after a few chapters we get to see a lot more of the side characters getting bigger roles which is great as some of the characters are fantastic such as Blaine.

Of course the art is the same as the other books but in this one we get about 10 pages of just pictures with no text and this is because we get to see how Pikachu is going to look after Yellow’s new pokemon Caterpie and make him feel part of them team. Even without the words you are able to tell all the emotion that Pikachu is going through to make sure that Caterpie feels like his belongs and it is fantastic to see this being expressed through the art form.

So far this series has went from following Red around as he becomes one of the worlds greatest trainers to following Yellow who is trying to find Red after he took on the 4 greatest trainers in the world all I can say is that I am really enjoying this series and cant wait to get onto the next one in the series.

Aaron Morrsi

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