Pokémon Adventures #6 (Manga) Review

As soon as I finished my review of book 5 I went straight into the 6th one as I wanted to know more about the journey and if Yellow was ever going to find Red. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The main story all takes place on one island and this is the island that the Elite 4 are based, so that is where Yellow, Blue, Green and Blaine have all went to try and defeat the Elite 4 and make sure to get Red back alive. It is while on the island that they discover 3 other people, and they are the leaders of team rocket which Red, Blue and Green had all taken down in book 3 but this time instead of them trying to defeat the heroes, team rocket want to join to stop the Elite 4 so they don’t destroy the world and have something for team rocket to take control off.

In this book we don’t have Yellow as the main character, of course Yellow is still in the book a lot but we are given a lot more views points. We get the view points of Bill, Yellow, Blue, Green and Loreile and I love every second of it. I like the idea of being able to see the same adventure coming from different peoples point of view as I think it gives a more in depth experience of how everything comes together.

As you can see the story is getting a lot more serious and you can almost instantly tell this story is not aimed towards the same audience as the anime is. We have got serious death threats in this and not just aimed at the Pokémon but trainers as well, we also have some actual deaths and the people that caused them do not care, and I love it. I have thought for a long time that the creators of Pokémon should make an adult series of Pokémon for the people who have grown up with the series and so far, this is the closest we have come.

We get a big surprise at the end but I won’t spoil it for the people who have yet to read the book yet but dear god I was not expecting that at all, there wasn’t even any hints from the rest of the series that would even hint at this so I was generally surprised by it.

This book seemed to have the most battles out of any other of the series so far and with the way that the art worked it was pretty amazing to be able to see how all the different battles went with the different Pokémon going against each other it was just great, my personal favourite was the Arbok vs Arbok battle as it just showed off how good the art was.

If you are currently reading through the series then keep going as you are going to love the ending of this book as well as the story that it has got to offer as well.

Aaron Morrsi

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