Zom-B Angels by Darren Shan Review

This is book 4 in the series and the story is starting to get interesting and I am slowly becoming slightly addicted to this series. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story

After spending the last few months wandering around London–a city filled with the dead–B Smith has given up hope for any sign of normal human existence. But then B finds strange signs all over the city–a “Z” plus red arrows. Following them, B finds The Angels– a group gathered in the hopes of combating the evil dead and the forces that introduced them. But all is not as it seems and it’s up to B to find out: what battle are they truly waging?

Taken from Goodreads

This book takes place over the course of a few days which compared to the last book which took place over a month is very short but I am going to say more happened in these few days then that one month in the life of B. we found out that the person who had been expected B the whole time is going to offer her something that will make her zombie life a lot more bearable and after reading through B’s life while she has been a zombie this makes you want to say about time. We get introduced to a whole group of people exactly like B and gives B a chance to finally find friends instead of being alone the whole time.

We also get to see B struggle with the fact she was born to a racist and try to make her own impression of someone because of their personality instead of what colour and religion they are. Which I find to be great as this book shows you the struggles that a child must go through if they are raised to believe one thing even though the other is true.

Darren Shan does a great job in describing the layout of the area where the group of Angels are living and makes it very easy for the person who is reading to imagine what it looks like which makes for a lot more entertaining read. With the addition to the suspenseful story near the end of the book I think this has got to be the best book in the series so far as all it has done is make me even more excited to get onto the next book in the series.

Aaron Morrsi

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