Pokemon Adventures #7 (Manga) Review

This is the final book in the kanto series so of course I went straight into the book straight after writing the last review. Anyway, it is time for a review.


As we found out in the last book Red is alive and is going to be joining the team in order to stop the Elite 4 from destroying the world, not only that but Yellow is a girl. With Red being part of the team then the team is stronger then ever but each of them are still spilt fighting their own battles against a member of the elite 4. This makes from a very spread out story for which only a few minutes happen but so much happens in those few minutes. We have Red battling Bruno, Blue battling Agatha, Green against Lorelei and Yellow Against Drake (I don’t know about anyone else but going of strengthen shouldn’t the order be reversed with Red going against Drake or am I too focused into the game logic). We also find out what Drake actual plan is and if the team of colours are able to stop him from destroying the world.

From the second I opened the book I was hooked onto the finale of this great story and I wasn’t going to put it down, this is also probably the fastest I have read a Manga book since I started reading (2 weeks ago) but I made sure I didn’t miss a single thing. You find out at the end of the book that just about everyone knew that Yellow was a girl from the start and it makes me think I missed something as the only other person who didn’t know except from Red was Blaine and he found out when the reader did. The story is fantastic and I loved every part of it especially the ending as I found it to be amazing as we got to see how every single one of the main characters has changed since their first appearance and how much of a difference it made to the final outcome.

We finally get some whole page pieces of art and dear lord I loved them, even though we only got 2 and technically they are basically ¾ pieces of art but either way im taking it. with a lot of action happening towards the end of the book we got a few pages were words weren’t needed to describe what was happening as the art did an amazing job on its own. From the start when I wasn’t really sure on the art as I had just finished read Saga which has fantastic art I have come to love the black and white design as it has come to show me that no matter the colours art can still represent so much.

I loved the Kanto series of this manga and as soon as payday comes along you know I shall be buying the next series as soon as possible.

Aaron Morrsi

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