127 Hours Review

This is a movie I haven’t watched in a few years and seeing how it was on Netflix I thought I must give it another watch and see what I think of it after a few years. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow a guy called Aron Ralston as he starts his trip exploring a remote canyon in Utah, he bikes and walks and even meets up with two girls and shows them some of the wonders the canyon has got to offer, it is not long after leaving the girls that something awful happens to Aron. While walking through a gap in the ground a rock he is standing falls and traps his arm. As his arm is trapped against a wall and the rock and there is no way to move the rock Aron is trapped until someone comes and helps. We get to see how Aron copes over the next 127 hours with his limited food and water supplies. During this movie Aron, will think back over his life and think of every little decision he made and wonders if they are the right or wrong ones to make. After realising that no one is going to come for him as he didn’t tell anyone where he was going he makes the decision to cut off his arm and make a break for it and hope he finds someone who can help.

When I first heard about this movie and what is was going to be about I couldn’t think of a more boring sounding movie then this. The movie is basically going to be one guy next to a rock thinking about things how is that going to be entertaining, well let me tell you that this movie will have you sat there staring at the screen and not moving as you don’t want to miss a single thing, even if there is nothing to miss. Of course, the first 30 minutes of the movie is him getting to become stuck and they are very entertaining with some great shots and good music to go with it, it is the ‘boring’ part that made this movie so good for me.

James Franco played the part amazingly, we get to see how the fun going guy is also very smart in this specific area as if it wasn’t for the knowledge that he would need to break his arm to cut if off with the tools he had then he would still be there today. As he starts to hallucinate due to the lack of food, water and boredom we get to see more people from his family such as his mom, dad and sister and all the things he wishes he did differently. It is this that makes the watcher just sit and stare and eventually start thinking about some of their own decisions and if they would be able to cope the same way that Aron did during this experience.

This is a great movie for anyone, it has got some light heart comedy to make it a little bit more entertaining but I personally don’t think it was needed but was a nice addition. Give this movie a try and I am sure you won’t regret it.

Aaron Morrsi


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