Drive Angry (2011) Review

For some strange reason, last night, I was scrolling through Netflix looking for a Nicholas Cage movie to watch and I came across Drive Angry, it is a movie that has cars and Nicholas Cage so I assumed it would be perfect. Anyway, it is time for a review.


John Milton was thrown into hell because of the crimes he had committed but he also became the first person to escape from hell as well as with a gun that can kill Gods. The reason why he escaped instead of doing his time is because he found out his daughter had been killed by a cultist murder. Milton is after revenge to pay back the murder and make sure that he gets his Granddaughter back. As he escaped from Hell obviously, Satan himself has found someone who can bring in Milton.

So, this is the most confusing story ever, and all I expected was some hot girls thinking Nicholas Cage is hot and drive some cars around. I didn’t expect Satan to be involved with the story, but I did personally like the story. I think it gave the movie something to focus on instead of just one guy going around killing lots of people and driving my dream car. Of course, at first it is stupidly confusing as they don’t tell you a single thing about Milton until near the end of the movie but that is where all the story parts seem to come together. This does mean you are going to on the same page as Piper (Amber Heard) as she also has no idea who or what Milton is. Even though I do like the story I wish they did expand on it more instead of just letting Nicholas Cage do what he does best in being silent when being questioned and looking forever moody.

Now it is time to talk about the CGI, I can’t tell if they were trying to make this look realistic or not, if not then they did a good job as you could tell that this is CGI and some of the animation they did were just funny. But if they were trying to go with the realistic style then fuck me they need to hire a better guy, when a guy’s hand is blown off it just look comical and when the Godkiller (the gun he stole from Satan) is used on a guy and a portal has been made then it looks like something that belong in Spy Kids 3D.

The music is great; it fits perfectly into the movie and I can’t fault it. When driving, some great fast paced music is played which goes perfectly with the American muscle cars and the speed in which they are being drove at to when an action scene is happening then we have some music that will hype the audience up and make them pay attention to when a shot has been fired.

Acting time, I think the acting was just terrible throughout the whole movie with the only exception coming from Amber Heard. I have always found Nicholas Cage to be a terrible actor as he only seems to have one thing he can do well which is be moody and silent (like mentioned above) so when it comes to him trying to do a sweet scene it just feels awkward and cringe. William Fichtner who plays the accountant was okay but that is the best he is going to get from me, this whole movie felt like 2 moody silent men were trying to kill each other and when the pair of them had a conversation I was genuinely bored and wanted to find something else to watch.

I have seen other reviews of this movie and can tell why the average is about 2 and a half stars as it does have some good points such as the music and the hot girls but other than that the movie had a lot of potential but unfortunately did quite reach it.

Aaron Morrsi

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