Tales From The Borderlands (PS4) Review

I have never been a fan of point and click games but I have heard great things about the games that are coming from Telltale recently so after looking at what games they have got I decided to make Tales From The Borderlands to be my first. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story starts off with Rhys and Fiona being kidnapped by a guy in a suit and mask and asking them what exactly happened. This is when we are treated to a series of flashbacks as we find out what happened for Rhys and Fiona to be in this situation. Fiona is a con artist who is trying to make a lot of money to allow her and her sister to live comfortably, the way they plan on doing this is by selling a Vault key for 10 million dollars. The people they plan to sell it to are known as Hyperion, which is the company that Rhys works for. Rhys is after a big promotion and has been told he will get that but that is until someone else takes his promotion and demotes Rhys to be a janitor. Rhys wants to get pay back and does so by stealing the 10 million dollars and going to the deal himself. It is after a brief conversation that they discover that the key is fake and the money gets stolen, this means that Rhys, Fiona, Vaughn, Sasha and Felix are all going to have to work together to get the money back. After a brief race the group lose a member and then discover across an old Atlas work place. It is then Handsome Jack shows himself to Rhys and explains about the Gortys Project.

I am going to leave the story there as I don’t want to spoil to much of it for the people who have yet to play the game. I love the story in this game as it kept you entertained for the whole 10 hours and it felt a lot like watching a good TV series which is kind of the point of these sorts of games. With how many twist and turns they were in the game you were never able to fully predict what was going to happen next which was great as it meant you had to pay full attention to the game to make sure you didn’t miss a single thing.

The game looks perfect and fits in great with the borderlands style which makes this game feel less like a side game and more of another instalment into the series which is fantastic. All the characters looked amazing and it helped in keeping my attention while playing through the 5 episodes. My favourite character has got to be Gortys in her first form as I think she looked great and was super cute so that is always a bonus.

The music fit the game so well I couldn’t think of a single bad thing to say about it, I started looking forward to the title screen for each episode so I can hear so more amazing music being played then made me watch the whole intro instead of trying to find something else to do.

When I first started out I only expected to be treated with a point and click game but instead it felt more like an interactive show. You made the decision on what the character say, you move the characters through QTE when they are in danger and it just felt a lot better than any other Point and Click game I have played.

If you want to play a game that has a great story, looks and hear great then you have got to pick this game up as I am sure you won’t regret it. Also this game got me my first Platinum trophy so if you are a trophy hunter this game is perfect for you.

Aaron Morrsi


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