Absolutely Anything (2015) Review

I can remember seeing this trailer a few years ago and it has recently been put onto British Netflix and with nothing else to watch I thought I might as well give it a go. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The movie is about a guy who has been granted powers that will allow him to do anything he wants, anything he wishes for all he must do is say the words and swipe his hand and then it happens. He gets the powers thanks to a group of 4 aliens who are trying to discover is Humans are evil or good when given the opportunity to do anything they want. When Neil (Simon Pegg) finds out his has these powers he of course uses them to get his own way and trying to make life a lot more fun for himself, one of the first things he does is give himself a better penis which any guy would do. It is from here that we follow Neil around as he tries to do the right things as well as try and get the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him without the need of his powers.

I found the story to be very fun and interesting to watch, this is because it was fun to find out all the consequences of what he wished for thanks to the way he said the sentence. The way he would react is what made the story funny. The interesting part is to try and think of what you would do in those situations. At some points, I was confused to know if this was a movie for children or adults. The reason for this is because at some points I thought the movie was very childish and I could see how a child would like this such as the male aliens being called Sharon. But then there were times where it was clearly meant for adult such as sex and deaths being mentioned a lot. I just wished that they would make it a bit clearer.

The movie does look great, especially in the London area. I also think that the aliens looked great and added a lot of humour to the movie as well. Plus, the CGI with the hand also looked decent which I personally thought just made the move slightly better as it could of went terribly wrong with bad CGI.

I thought the acting was okay, some actors were just awful such as Rob Riggle, I hated him the second he came on the screen and nothing in his performance made me like him any better. The best actor throughout the movie has got to be Simon Pegg (and the dog) as he went through a lot of emotions and displayed them all perfectly and natural looking which just added point to the overall movie.

I can tell why people didn’t rate this movie very highly as it is a bit of a strange genre as it seems to be a sci fi rom com sort of movie but I really enjoyed it and who knows maybe you will to.

Aaron Morrsi


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