Eagle Day by Robert Muchamore Review

It has been 9 months since I read the first book in this series so I thought it might be time to carry on with the series. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The Story

Charles Henderson is the last British spy left in occupied France in 1940, living on a farm near Calais with four runaway kids cut adrift by the war. He and his young agents are playing a dangerous game: translating for the German high command and sending information back to Britain about the Nazi plans to invade England in September, on Eagle Day. The RAF must destroy the Nazi invasion fleet, but Northern France is heavily defended and the camouflaged barges are impossible to target at night. Together, Henderson and his team hatch a daring plan to guide the British bombers to their target. Their lives are on the line, but the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher.

Taken from Goodreads

I have loved the last two series I read from Robert Muchamore and I was feeling reading about children spies and the only books I have got that relate to that genre is the Henderson boys. So, to read about where the great Cherub division came from was great, plus with the bonus of it being set in the second world war just made for a very exciting read.

One of the main differences between this and the CHERUB series is the weapons and gadgets the children have got. Of course the children in Henderson boys don’t have the luxury of having stab proof hoodies or communication devices so that they are always able to stay in touch with the leaders, this just makes the books so intense to read as you have no idea if the children who have had no training will be able to do all the things they have been asked to do. It is in this book that we slowly see the coming together of CHERUB and see how the government is going to take with the idea of children spies.

I love how the book is written with the time periods being told to you whenever something changes and especially near the end of the book when it gives you exact times so it makes it easier for you to imagine just how close together everything is for the plan to work perfectly. Plus because of how well Robert Muchamore did in writing about the characters it makes you care for them and actually start to get a little bit sad if anything bad happens to them.

I am still not sure which series I enjoy more out of the three but I am only two books into this one and I cant wait to get into the third.

Aaron Morrsi

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