Parks and Recreation Season 1

This is a show I have heard a lot about and it is supposed to be very funny which is something I like it a show, so after finding some time to watch the whole series I have finally finished the first season. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the lives of the people who work in the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee as well as a nurse and her boyfriend. It is during a public meeting that the people at Parks and Recreation discover that the nurse’s boyfriend fell down a pit and she wants something done to the pit so that this doesn’t happen again. This is where Leslie Knope tries her best throughout the series to try and get the pit filled and made into the park for the neighbourhood. It is watching the progress of this that makes up the story for the show.

The story itself is very boring and I found myself drifting off whenever they would start to talk about the pit and hoped they would find something else to talk about. I know that the whole point of the series is about the pit but they could have at least made it a bit more exciting for the viewer to watch.

Another thing I did notice is that the show is very similar to the style that the office use, they have got all the main characters being followed around by camera men and occasionally they will just stare at the camera on their own and talk to it, this is exactly like the office and I found it to be a very cheap copy of the show.

So far throughout the first season I have only come to like 2 characters and they are both that don’t appear throughout the series very often. These are Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and Andy Dwyer (Christ Pratt), I like the comedy style that they bring to the show and if it wasn’t for these two then I don’t think I would have made it through the rest of the season as it was starting to get very boring towards the third episode.

The main character Leslie Knope is very annoying I became sick of her before the first episode had even finished, I have never seen a more boring character in a tv show and I am surprised with how often I heard people rave about this show with her as the main character. I would probably like her more if she didn’t only focus about work and actually took advantage of the guys who are around her.

I am going to finish the show as once I have started I don’t like leaving things half finished, I am going to hope that the rest of the show has got some very big improvements.

Aaron Morrsi

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