Boss Baby Review

After being bored one day and wanting to watch something new, I decided to watch the Boss Baby as I heard good things about the movie. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The Boss Baby is about is about an ambitious boss baby who has been sorted into management instead of going to a family at Baby Corp. However, after time he is sent on a mission to find out what the new puppy is that a big company is releasing. This is because puppies are threating the cuteness and love that babies receive which could shut down the Baby Corp. So he goes to a perfect family which the parents work for the puppy company and they have a 7 year old son called Tim to investigate. However, Tim is very sceptical of the new baby as he interrupts normal daily life. After time, Tim finds out the boss baby’s agenda and tries to tell his parents. After arguments and destroying evidence, the boss baby and Tim come together to help the baby discover the new puppy so then he could leave the family so it could go back to normal. After obstacles and bonding, they discover the new puppy and the mastermind behind it. He was once a management baby himself but then grew up after being fired from the company and wanted to threaten the Baby Corp. Tim and the boss baby manage to save their parents from the mastermind who took them and stop the sale of the new puppy. This meant that the boss baby would go back to management and the family would return back to normal. However, Tim and the boss baby realise that they miss each other so the baby retires from the company and comes back to the family and they live together happily. This is all told to Tim’s daughter as a flash back story as she is getting a new baby sister who is a management baby.

Alec Baldwin voices the Boss baby which is great as his voice is very serious which suits the role perfectly. Miles Bakshi voices Tim which is also great as he brings the innocence of a 7 year old through his voice. Also, there is Toby Maguire that is adult Tim and narrates the film as it goes along. He does this well as his voice is very calm and easy to listen to which a father’s voice would be. This film had a great cast with others that include Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Buscemi as some of the other voices. This means that it has a well-recognised cast which brings a star quality to the characters.

This film is surprisingly funny; there are one liners throughout which brings the funniness to the film. Even when the baby has such a serious deep grown up voice makes this film even more hilarious. Also, it is such a feel good film as after all the arguments and the adventure, the siblings miss each other and want to be a family. This is very related about if you have siblings that you get along with. The animation was great, I loved how they used two different types of animation to distinguish between real life and Tim’s imagination. It really made you believe that it was a child’s imagination with the bright different colours and the cartoon characters that he fought and played with. Also, they animated Tim in such a good way that some of the things he did would be what an actual 7 year old would do like karate chop the babies when they were invisible. This brought the innocence to life.  Also, I loved the little details that they animated like Tim wearing odd socks bringing a reality to him and also the Boss Baby doing a superhero landing when they fall in to Baby Corp. It just brings a sense of humour to the film.

So if your wanting to watch a Dreamwork’s animation with an unusual story but with a lot of humour which makes you feel good by the end of it, then this is the film for you.


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