The Ranch Part 3 Review

This is a show I have been looking forward to return and it has eventually returned. Anyway, it is time for a review.


In this part, we get to see how Cult is going to be able to cope with the idea that he is going to become a dad and how he is going to keep a happy relationship with both his girlfriend Abby and his baby mother Heather, it gets even harder when he finds out that they don’t get along. Rooster loses his job at the My Little Pony Ranch and somehow must find a way to make ends meet until he able to find another ranch job. Maggie is struggling with life as she wants to be able to do all the things she has always wanted to such as see all 50 states and go to Paris but she doesn’t want to leave her family. Beau is the same as ever even though all he seems to care about is his ranch we see him struggle with the divorce with Maggie and how he is going to cope when a new romance comes into his life.

For a show that has seasons that are split into 10 parts a lot seems to happen in those 30 minutes’ episodes, it is not till I start writing that I realise this. I enjoy the story in this show and it is the main reason why I keep coming back and looking forward to when they drop a new season (or part). I enjoy how with each new episode they won’t skip over the fact that something had happened last episode and will acknowledge it, if not make it a carry-on story for that episode. I hate it when a sitcom has one story in one episode and a totally different one the next as if the previous one never happened and I am glad The Ranch don’t do that.

I have said this in both my previous reviews of part 1 and 2 but I still don’t understand why they overuse the laughing track so much. The laughing track is used more than Abby talks and that is just plain stupid, they use the laughing track halfway through an argument is something that might make your lip upturn slightly is said and they make it seem like the audience is pissing themselves. This is just stupid and needs to stop.

We are treated to the same scenes as in the first two parts with the new addition being the hunting cabin where rooster lives. After 30 episodes, everything in the show starts to get familiar and is easily recognisable to the viewer which is a nice addition to the story. Even Marys house is easy to recognise and it is only shown a handful of times.

The acting is still overall great in the show but I think compared to the last two seasons that Rooster (Danny Masterson) has done amazingly in this season as he has come on a lot of hard times and it is the great acting that made it enjoyable for the viewer.

I still think this show is great and I am now going to be waiting for months for part 4 to come out whenever it does as I hate the fact that the show ended on a cliffhanger like that. Give this show a watch trust me when I say you won’t regret it.

Aaron Morrsi

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