Tammy (2014) Review

I was scrolling through the movies on Amazon Prime to try and find something to watch, when I came across this movie with Melissa McCarthy on the cover and thought this might be funny let’s give it a watch. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story for this movie is that we follow the life of Tammy who is having a bad day where she runs over a deer which causes her car to break down, this means she is going to be late to work and when she arrives at work she gets fired and when she finally gets home she find out that her husband has been cheating on her. This causes Tammy to go into a mental break down and tell her mom to give her the car as she is leaving the town. This is where Tammy’s grandmother sees a chance for her to get away and offers her granddaughter her car and some money but only if she goes with her. It is on the journey to Niagara Falls that we get to see how the two people who have had problems over the years finally get a chance to be close together as well as a mixture of drugs and drunk fun.

I find this to be one those movies that you don’t watch for the story but instead watch to see what hilarious stuff the actors get up to during the movie. If you were watching this to find a good story line, then you are going to be massively disappointed. The aim of the movie is to get the grandma to Niagara Falls but of course this doesn’t happen till the end of the movie but not after the pair get into a lot of arguments to the point where it is almost too far to go back to being normal. They would argue so often it ruined the whole comedic effect the rest of the movie was trying to give off.

Some of the comedic parts such as where she is trying to rob a fast food restaurant are too long, they go from being funny to then being awkward because they just kept doing the same stuff again and again in the same scene and you do feel tempted to try and skip the section.

I found the acting to be sub-par and could have done with a lot of changes to make the movie better, the only reason the movie even got off the ground is because of Melissa McCarthy but I think she was horrible in this and due to her being the main actor the rest of the movie just went downhill in it.

So much of this movie is meant to be funny but if you are above the age of 10 and know what a sense of humour is then you probably won’t like this movie exactly like me, it had a lot of potential but fell way short. I don’t recommend this movie as it is just plain awful.

Aaron Morrsi

Movie review


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