Refunct (PC) Review

This is a game I had no idea about until I saw it was for sale on steam for £0.69 so thought I really can’t go wrong with that price. Anyway, it is time for a review.


When you start the game, you are thrown straight into it, there is no introduction and no start menu. I didn’t realise this at first as I spent a good minute just staring at the screen thinking it had frozen till I pressed w and the screen moved. The only real story I can get out of this game is that you have got to find all the red buttons on the map till you come across the final gold button and the game will end. That is all there is to this game so story wise it is very disappointing.

That is the only disappointing part of the game though, when you do start you notice straight away just how nice the game looks, you are treated to a lot of blue with the occasional grey but that still makes the game look great. When you start moving around the map and turning all the grey blocks into grass covered areas then the game goes from looking great to just down right beautiful and I can’t find a single thing to fault it. If I could play this game at max settings, then dear god I would find it hard to find any game that might be able to compete with it.

We go from how beautiful this game is to the sound that you are treated to, other than one thing then this game gets a perfect score from me on the sound part. Everything from the background noise, to the running and jumping is sounded to perfection. The only part that let this game down was the swimming sound, it didn’t sound natural like the rest of the game it sounded like when the water goes down your plug. It was a bit of a shock the first time I went into the water and got treated to this sound but you only go into the water a few times so it’s not too bad.

Now we get to the main problem of the game, it is 10 minutes long. That is all and I was expecting so much more from a game that got overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam. This game costs around about £3 on steam and they are only going to give you 10 minutes’ worth of game to play. I am happy I got the game for 69p as you can’t go wrong with that but if I had paid the full price then I would be seriously disappointed with my purchase no matter how good those 10 minutes were.

The game is great but only at the price tag on a steam sale so only buy it then and not for the full £3 as it is not worth that for the small amount of game you get.

Aaron Morrsi

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