Wonder Woman (2017) Review

I went to see Wonder Woman last night with the parents and now I am going to write about what I thought of the movie. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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Wonder Woman is about a girl call Diana who is a Princess of the Amazons and grows up to be a great warrior. However, it isn’t until spy Steve Trevor crashes into her world and saves his life that she discovers World War II happening outside of their invisible world. She goes with him to help stop the war that she thinks is run by Aries the God of Wars. This God has supposed to influence Zeus’ creation, Man, to become jealous and uncompassionate so she want to kill him which will stop the war. So they journey to London to drop off Dr Maru’s who works for Ludendorff (German Captain) notebook as she is creating a gas which will kill any soldiers. So after, dropping the notebook off they team up with other characters like Sir Patrick (a part of the English Generals who gives them the money to do their mission), Charlie, Sameer and The Cheif (friends of Steve Trevor) to go and destroy the base where this gas is getting created against the British General’s orders. After helping the British soldiers gain more land by going over no-man’s land, finding where Ludendorff is and a test run of the gas being released to a small that that they recently saved killing everybody, they finally find the base where the gas is being made and shipped. Diana then kills Ludendorff thinking he is Aries thinking that the war would end. However, naïve of her she kills the wrong person and in a plot twist she discovers that Sir Patrick is Aries. Whilst this is happening, Steve, Charlie, Sameer and The Chief try to stop a plane from taking off which is full of the gas. In an epic battle, Diana defeats Aries but loses Steve as he kills himself in the plane to stop it from going to London. In the end, Diana works in France and protects the world from danger. This is all told in a flashback when Diana receives a photo by Wayne Enterprises of her and the gang when they saved a little town.

I absolutely loved Diana she was just enough tough, strong like a superhero and caring, emotional like a woman who want to do something right. She was a well-rounded character and very relatable to woman. Also, I think that Gal Godot portrayed her brilliantly; apart from looking like her, she has the boldness and   to really carry the character. I also, love Steve Trevor because all he wanted to do was do something to help with the war and then eventually gave his life to save others. However, as much as I Love Chris Pine, he did a great job in playing the character bringing his funny personality to the role. However, I don’t understand why they cast an American to play an English spy because then it can confuse people that he is English. David Thewlis who portrays Sir Patrick/Aries did well, I was a bit sceptical of how he would portray a strong, powerful bad God as I’ve only seen him in Harry Potter as Professor Lupin but he did well. You didn’t really see him as the costume covered him quite a lot but his voice was very powerful and strong which worked really well with the character. As for the other characters, they suited their roles and brought good elements to the cast and characters.

As for the rest of the film, I could hardly fault it apart from two occasions (a filming continuation fault where Diana put a cup down to the left and then in the next shot she put it down to the right and the fact that they made a big deal out of Charlie not being able to shot despite being a sniper but then not seeing him shoot just lost the continuation). I loved the cinematography of the whole film, some of the angles they used were fantastic and the use of the slow motion during fights scenes made them even more dramatic and showed the power of each punch that Wonder Woman, it was fantastic. Also, I loved the scene where Diana goes over the trenches to no-man’s land, it was so iconic as it was the first time where you see her in her full costume and the fact that they used slow motion made it dramatic and one of my favourite scene. The stunts that were done were great and were different to normal ones that are done in fight scenes. The music was incredible, it really went with the scenes and was really dramatic and built with the plot. Finally, Patty Jenkins did a fantastic job directing this film bringing everything together. It was also great that a woman directed it as normally action films are not normally directed by women which brings the stereotype of what woman direct.

So if you are looking for a superhero film that’s full of action, comedy and a great story line with a not so typical hero then this is the film for you.


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