Firewatch (PS4) Review

This is a game I have heard nothing but good things about and thought why it is on sale in the PlayStation store I might as well pick it up and find out what I think about it. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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The story behind this game is that you play as a male character called Henry who has been going through a tough time recently with his wife being moved to Melbourne in Australia because she has got early on set dementia and her family want her to be close to them. The family don’t like you so you have made the decision to take up a job as a fire lookout in the Shoshone National forest. It is when you start taking the job that you find out something weird is happening in the area and it all revolves around you.

From start to finish the story had me gripped and I didn’t want to stop playing until I had found out as much as possible about the story. As soon as you start the game it gives you a little story where you can make a few changes to the story such as which dog you and your wife own. I thought this was a good addition as it makes the story feel a bit more about yourself as it is the little details that you have changed that come up in the story and make you feel like you had affected the outcome.

The game is suspenseful from start to almost the end, and even though that is not normally my cup of tea the way that it has been implemented into this game was fantastic. Not knowing anything about what the camp is like and being told to hike around your main area and coming across a shadowy figure with a torch staring at you is a great way to start of the game. it is from that moment where you are on edge the whole time expecting things to get worse and it slowly does which creates even more suspense. When you knew, you were on the final stages of the game and you expected all this suspense to come to something and the ending you get it just makes the whole thing a waste of time. I had my hopes the whole way till the credits and knew I was going to be disappointed. Why couldn’t they of doing something different for the ending or at least show us Ned.

I like the way the game looks, it has a vibe of low poly which is a personal love and a realistic design which I thought would never be something I see in a game so it was a nice change.

I want to say I love this game but because of the ending I can’t, I really like the game and would recommend it to anyone as long as they don’t get their hopes up too much about the ending. I am sure some people liked it but I certainly didn’t.

Aaron Morrsi


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