Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (PS4) Review

This is a game I have been trying to finish for many years now as I have had the game on PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 but never got around to getting past act 2. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story behind this game is we follow the protagonist of the game as they make their way into New tristram as they are wanting to find out about the star that struck the cathedral. It is because of the star that the dead are waking up again around the town and the town needs the help of the protagonist. It is from here that you are drawn more into the story as it is goes from battling the undead to battling diablo himself. You are thrown into more battles as you cross more places just to be able to stop all the evil that is happening in the world, even though once you have beaten diablo himself that all the evil would stop but no you still have more creature to battle to save the world.

I know that isn’t the best way to describe the story in this game but I know just how good it is and I recommend that the people who have not played the game give it a go as I think it is a great story that will keep you entertained for the 15 hours it takes to finish this game. I decided to play Reaper of souls as it comes with the additional act which just adds to the story which I just love.

The game itself is not something I have ever played before as it feels a lot like runescape/world of Warcraft but better. From the moment, I started the game all those years ago, I got the feeling like I was playing a better version of runescape and I loved it, and again playing now I got the same feeling.

I like the way the game looks as you get a to see all the monsters coming after you are seeing how great they look plus with the bonus of having your character moves being included with the graphics just make the game look great. The areas that you go through are all unique and give the game a great feel as you are trying to remember which part of the map you are in and how you are going to find your goal.

The maps themselves are randomly generated so you can play this game a lot of times go through the same maps on different profiles then you know that each playthrough is going to be different because none of the maps are going to be the same. This does add a lot of replayablity to the game plus with the dlc and being able to have multiple character on the go with multiple saves just adds to the fun of the game.

The music as well is good, of course when you are busy slaughtering monsters you aren’t going to be paying attention to the music but it is when you are backtracking or listing to the books that you notice that the music is good and is great to listen to every now and then.

I have finally finished the main story of the game and I loved every moment of playing through the game, if you have yet to play the game then hopefully you will like just as much as I did.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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