Inside (PC) Review

This game is made by the same people who made the great game LIMBO and after loving that game I had to play through this to see if it was another master piece or are they a one hit wonder. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We play a nameless red shirted boy who is trying to escape the people who are chasing him and trying to kill him, this causes him to run through forests, farms, underwater, factories and a lab. Not only is it the guards that he must get away from but also a shock wave atrium that blows him up if he is hit with it and while in the lab there are scientists performing underwater experiments. He has got to use the land, boxes, other people to get past all the obstacles that are in his way. While on his escape he comes across a mind controlling device which allows him to control other people which makes carry objects that he couldn’t lift on his easier as well as allowing him to jump to higher places.

The only way you get to find anything out about the story is by playing through the game and getting to both endings, which does require two playthroughs and finding all the secrets. Even then the game doesn’t really give you a full story and a lot of it is going to be based of theories that you make yourself which for me makes the game even more fun as it is great to look up forums like on reddit to find out what other people think the story is. Of course the endings are what most people are talking about but im not going to ruin it for you.

With LIMBO there was a lot of running to the right with the occasional part of running left to go and back to do a puzzle and that was it. Inside does the same but it has a lot more backtracking to make sure you have solved all the puzzles on multiple different levels to be able to continue and this just makes the game feel more immersive as you get deeper into the game and want to help the boy become free from the guards and dogs.

The game does play amazingly as once you are used with the jumping distance and running speed then anytime you die is going to be because of your own fault not the game and this just makes you feel even worse for when the boy dies as you know it is your fault. With each death when trying to complete a puzzle it makes you want to work harder to be able to make sure the boy doesn’t die again.

The music is also great and it is in the silent parts of the game that you really miss the music as with it being silent it just makes the game more suspenseful and makes you wonder where the next thing to kill you is going to be.

Playdead have done an amazing job of this game and I think they have found a genre in which no one else is able to compete with. The only other game I have played that is like this is Planet of the Eyes and even though that was a good game it is nothing compared to this. Give this game a go even if it is £15 on steam you know your money is going to be good game that you are going to enjoy.

Want to buy the game then here are the links

Steam: Inside

Playstation: Inside

Xbox: Inside

Aaron Morrsi



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