IZombie Season 3 Review

I had to wait for all the episodes to be out before I could start watching this series again as I hate watching a series one episodes every week but finally they are all out and I binged the season. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story in this season is that more and more people are being turned into zombies, whether this being by Blaine to get more people to buy brains from him or by accident when one zombie accidently scratches a normal human. This has caused a small time private military company to hire nothing but zombies and try and get Seattle prepared for when every human finds out about zombies. During the season, we will see more people find out about zombies and the mixture of reactions that the public will have.

This season is based around one story and having 13 episodes be based on this was a great idea as it meant we got really in depth with the story and finding out more and more about some of the characters that were introduced in the series. We also get to see more of the main characters as they try to come to terms with just how many zombies there are out there that might need the cure that Ravi is working on. Not only that but in the last episode of the 2nd season Clive finds out that Liv and Major are zombies as well and he takes it surprisingly very well but he is still finding it hard to deal with when he finds out just many there are.

The story is great and it gets your gripped from the start, this just makes you want to sit down and just binge the episodes exactly how I did. Makes you look forward to finding out who is a zombie and who isn’t. of course, during all the zombie finding and hunting we still have the fun of the cases that Clive and Liv work together on so we still get the vision of people and see just how many different personalities Liv can do before people starting wondering if she is weird.

I now have got to talk about the acting and of course the first one is going to be Rose McIver who plays Liv, she does an amazing job being able to take on so many roles at once with all the brains she eats as well as being able to make Liv the fun and loveable person she is, her acting is faultless. Next up is Rahul Kohli, he plays my favourite character in the series Ravi, he does an amazing job of making the one British person in the show be the funniest and most liked person. No matter what he does he is always doing it to make sure that his friends are going to be save, this is proved in the last episode of season 3. Malcom Goodwin who plays Clive does a great job in playing the guy as he must be the serious one of the group and try and make sure that all the crimes that are being committed are still getting solved, but not only that but also proves his loyalty to the group by solving who is making all these zombies in his own time and again Goodwin does a great job.

The only time I really got to hear any music that wasn’t being played out of a radio was in the last episode when Liv is being chased and the choice of music that they played wasn’t the best and didn’t add anything to the scene.

I think this is the best season of the 3 so far and I am really looking forward to the 4th one. Give this show a watch I am sure you won’t regret it.

If you are wanting to watch Izombie on netflix then use this link : IZombie 

Aaron Morrsi


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