Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (PC) Review

Of course, the steam summer sale happened and I saw that this game was only £3 so I thought I might as well give it a good and see why I had never heard of a sonic racing game. Anyway, it is time for a review.


There isn’t a story in this game as you just race in either the world tour which has multiple events over multiple different stages or the grand prix which is where you race in different stages. Of course, me being the type of gamer who plays games for the story this was disappointing and I was hoping for some story to give me the encouragement to race.

The way that the game plays is very good and I was very surprised by this as it is a recent sonic game and we all know just how bad those are. I played as a few characters to get a feel of the game and each one of them controlled slightly differently with the difference in speed, handling and acceleration which for a racing game is great as it means that you can find a character that works best for you. For me personally the character I used the most was Sonic and this is because he had good speed with low acceleration but decent handling which meant I could speed round corners at a good pace and when it was on a straight I was going to be the fastest racer there.

There are several different types of races in the game, they range from the traditional race around the track against other people and try and win to an elimination round where instead of trying to win the race you must make the other 4 racers die by hitting them 3 times before 3 laps are up. This is great for me as I would just get bored of having to race the same racers again and again and always win but with the addition of different type of races it means you will be paying attention and trying your best to master all the races.

The music is also great as you get something new to listen to every time you start a new stage, this allows the game to stay more interesting for longer. Each piece of music will match with the theme of the track, which makes playing the track even more fun. As you get to play a brand-new track as well as listen to some music you haven’t heard of before.

This game is obviously a rival game to Mario Kart but as this is viable on more than just Nintendo consoles I personally think that Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is a better game than Mario Kart. It has got the normal driving but it also has the car turning into boats and airplane for a much larger variety when it comes to the tracks, not only that but the track might change lap after lap meaning you must change the way you play halfway through a track as you are going to be going across a different terrain and having this is a racing game is just great and is something that Mario Kart has yet to do.

This game is available on just about every last gen console including the 3ds and Wii U so I think you should go and give it a go and see what you think as I think it is a great game that has a lot to offer.

Aaron Morrsi


Game Review


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