Emily is Away (PC) Review

This is a game I have seen many different youtubers play, but I have never seen any footage of it as I wanted to keep it a surprise, but if so many people are playing the game then it must be good, right? Anyway, it is time for a review


The story is that you use an instant messaging system like MSN and keep in touch with a friend of yours called Emily, it starts of as just friend talking and being there for each other but slowly feelings start to develop causing the friendship to become something more. You talk to Emily once a year on this IMS and find out what is happening with her and keep her up to date with yourself.

For me the story is bloody awful, it barely develops as it just seems to be the same thing again and again throughout the chapters where you talk for a bit find out if either of you are in a relationship and if not then maybe meet up. For me the story was very boring and if the game wasn’t more than 40 minutes long then I would have given up on the game long ago.

The way you play the game is you make the choices you want to reply to Emily with and type any random letters on your keyboard to make you feel like you are writing the decisions down. However sometimes you can make a deskins and half way through type it the reply will be deleted and something else which you did not pick will be sent instead. If you go through the whole game wanting me to reply my way to Emily, then why near the end when what you reply with will change the way the conversation goes do you bring in this new feature. I know some people will think it will be more lifelike if the replier doesn’t say what he feels but why ask me to reply with my choice and not send it, it did nothing more than piss me off.

There is no music in this game, all you will get is some background sounds such as a door opening and closing but that is it. This is done to make it more lifelike again but it gets very boring very quickly to have to listen to the same sounds on repeat again and again. The number of times I heard that door go it is a surprise it is still on its hinges.

The game is free so I don’t know what I expected from it but I did expect a lot more then I was given especially with how much hype it seemed to off gotten and I really don’t know how it managed to get a sequel. The game is boring and I don’t have any other words to describe it, it has a button for you to be able to donate to the developers of the game but the only thing I can say is I really hope that you made Emily is Away Too a whole lot better than this pile of shit.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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