Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (PS4) Review

I have been excited for this game since I heard that it was going to be a remaster and I preordered it as soon as I could on amazon. I have finally finished the three games in this trilogy and it is time for a review.


In this one game, you will find that the first three Crash Bandicoot games have been remastered which means there are going to be three different stories for us to enjoy, this is great for me as I am a story based gamer. The first game is Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio created Crash Who Cortex thinks will become the leader of his army he is planning on creating, this is when Crash escapes from Cortex. While Crash was with Cortex however he grows attached to another one of his creations known as Twana and as she is still with Cortex Crash makes it his mission to get her back.

The second game known as Cortex Strikes Back has the story of when Crash manages to defeat Cortex and get his girlfriend back. Cortex wakes up in a cave after crashing down from space and in the cave, is lots of crystals which he can use as they hold great power. He takes one back to his lab and finds out that he is going to need another 25 of them to control the world. This is when he thinks of a plan to control Crash and get him to collect the other 25 for him, this happens when he is kidnapped on his way to find his sister Coco a new battery for her laptop and Cortex tells crash that he needs to find another 25 crystals to save the world.

The third and final story in the game starts of when the space station that Cortex owns explodes and pieces of it fall into a tropical mountain, little does anyone know that the evil entity known as Uka Uka lives there. It is Uka Uka who was behind the previous plans that Cortex has, it is when he is free that he confronts Cortex telling him what a failure he is after not retrieving the gems and crystals with the other two plans. This is when Uka Uka recruits Doctor Nefarious Tropy to help them out as he has invented a time machine that will allow them to go back in time to get the crystals and it is up to Crash and Coco to stop them.

For me I think the stories are okay but they are nothing to get excited about. The only reason they are even there is too give the player something to aim towards, they are very predictable as you know that you aren’t going to be helping Cortex destroy the world and Crash will find some way to defeat even if he doesn’t mean to. There are some parts of the story that are funny and will keep you entertained during the cut scenes.

The way the game plays is a controversial topic, some people think this remake is so much worst then the original as they have made crash to slippery and he is hard to control. While other people welcome the change as it makes it more fun. I am on the latter point of view. I think once you have got the hang of how Crash handles then the game because very enjoyable and as you have got the character control down to a point that if you die it is not the games fault but yours for not making the jump correctly. On my twitter, I have seen people say that the lighting of the game has thrown them off a jump as they can’t see properly where they are going to land, if that is the case then you need glasses as the lighting of the game makes no difference if you can see the floor and you need to stop complaining about random crap in the game just because you are bad at the game. I am also bad at the game but that is because I am bad at most games but it is very easy to see what a good job Activision, Vicarious Visions and Toys for Bob did on the game.

Of course, we have some levels that will make you want to throw your controller through a window as well as Frisbee the disk with it. The levels that I found hardest to do where the two bridge levels in crash 1 Road to Nowhere and The High Road, these levels were fucking awful for me as it took over 100 lives and 12 game overs just to be able to do these levels and I ended up seeing those fucking pigs in my nightmares for days afterwards. The other level I had a lot of trouble with was Bee-Having in Crash 3, fuck me this level. I hated this level from start to finish, not because it is hard but because unless you use the new feature that they have only showed you once in the game before this level then the level is not possible trust I tried and each fucking time the bee will sting and you will see crash swell up.

The death animations in this game are great and I ended up going through a few stages to kill crash to find out the animations of each death for each character with my favourite being the toad kiss. With each death animation, it gave a bit of humour that the game didn’t need but was very much appreciated.

Of course, a lot of people remember crash because of his great soundtrack and with a lot of the songs being remade with a modern style this caused a bit of unease with the gaming community, but for me personally I think that the soundtrack was amazing and I think they made a great decision to remake the music, I do wish they had a feature that would allow you to have an option to have the old music on the game.

Overall, I think this game is great and if you have got a PS4 then this game is a must have on the console especially how you get 3 games for £30 which is a fantastic deal. I will include links to amazon and the PlayStation store below for easy access.

Amazon: Crash Remastered

Playstation : Crash Remastered

Aaron Morrsi


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