Everybody Tennis (Hot shots Tennis) PS2 Review

I was looking to see which games were on sale on the PlayStation market and I saw this game, it had been a while since I played a tennis game and plus it was a PS2 port so I wanted to see how a game from 11 years ago, played today. Anyway, it is time for a review.


There isn’t a story in this game even though there is a career mode which confused me for a long time. You play as any two characters and try and work your way up the rankings, when you win games then you win prizes. These could be another player to play as or a costume to make a player you are currently using look better. The aim is to try and beat all the players in World Class and become one of the best tennis players in the world.

When I first started the career mode I thought that you would have to choose one of the characters and take them all the way to the top and get upgrades along the way to make that player better. This is not the case and as you can pick any character and use them. this ruined the whole career mode for me as I think it is pointless as you are just playing games to try and get the best character to make the game easier on yourself. The game is not off to a good start.

When you get into playing tennis then you might find it a bit confusing on what buttons you need to press as unless the load screen tells you then the game doesn’t give you any hints on how to play. This means a lot of pressing buttons and hoping for the best, I found out that you only need to press 3 buttons, these are the X, circle and triangle button for some reason the developers didn’t like the idea of using the square button as it doesn’t do anything.

When you find out how to start the game then you re treated to something that is bright and colourful and looks good seeing how it was made 11 years ago, on a console with very little hardware. I loved how it looked and it was one of the main reasons why I kept playing as I wanted to see everything that the game had to offer.

The actual gameplay is the total opposite as I think it is probably the biggest pile of shit I have ever played. They try and make you master hitting the ball at the right moment so you get the points, but once you get to the later levels where getting these perfect hits the game decides to fuck you over by making you either hit the net or your ball being out. I wouldn’t have minded this as it would mean I would have to work harder if they had implemented it from the start but at the start I won basically every game without having the other team to score. It goes to the point where in the final game before the credits I had to play it twice because I lost the tie breaker because the ball somehow hit the net when aiming for the back of the court and then on the next game where I had to win the ball went out even though I had aimed for the same point multiple times throughout the game and never had it out. The game feels badly developed and if I wasn’t so close to finishing then I would have given up.

The music is also awful I want to know whose idea it was to include it in the game as that person needs to be fired. The whole time I was bored of the music because even though the music did change it still had the same tone that made you just forget it was even there while playing which just meant I ended up listening to my own music. The sound effect such as the ball being hit and the players grunting were a nice decision to add just too bad the music ruined that.

This game is awful and not worth the £3 I payed for it, if you don’t get it on the sale then the game cost £8 and id rather throw that £8 to my dog as it would be more fun to watch then to play this game.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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