Trials Fusion (PS4) Review

I played the demo of this game long ago when it first came out but it wasn’t until the other week I got around to buying the game and seeing for myself what it is like to play. Anyway, it is time for a review.


I didn’t think there was a story to this game until I researched the game for the review. But the game is set in 2042 and an object had fallen out of the sky changing the world as we know it. Not long after Anomaly AI was created and from that two character of the AI were formed known as SynDI and George. These are the voices that the rider hears on his journey across the lands.

Seeing how I knew literally nothing about the story after playing through it for 6 hours it shows that the game doesn’t really show it off. I really wished that they had included a story even a simple one to give us some reason to why the rider is riding through all the different settings. Anything to give us a bit more motivation to be able to continue racing but unfortunately, we get nothing.

The game plays very well and I think it is one of the best controlling motorbike games I have played ever. Saying that there really isn’t much competition as I have only played two and the other one was trails evolution. With this game if you wanted to go forward you went forward, if you wanted to flip then you flipped, it was nice to be in perfect control of the bike and know that if you made a mistake then it was your fault and not the game.

The difficulty spike is fucking stupid, the game starts of as simple with a few jumps and easy enough tracks but going from medium to hard is a bit like going from drinking a bottle of beer to downing a bottle of vodka, either way you are going to get fucked. The game has you doing different stunts to try and finish the track, these can be tricky bunny hops to cross a gap or trying to time the right second to let go of acceleration and then put it back on to land on a small platform. I went from 1-10 faults per track in the easy and medium section to getting well over 30 and in some cases I was getting 100+. Of course, this could just be because I was bad at the game and I was but still I don’t see how it is possible to get that much of a difficulty spike within one stage.

This game is beautiful, there is no other word I can use to describe it. Every stage is unique and makes you want to stop half way through the track and just look at everything that is surrounding you. The way the fire looks to the water in some levels is just amazing and I really wasn’t expecting this from a motorbike game.

The sound effects are a nice addition to the game, from the motorbike accelerating to when the rider dies and screams. They all add something to the game, too bad the music doesn’t. in a racing game, you want something that is going to hype you up and make you want to perform better, then let me ask you why I was somehow able to get better music of a random playlist on Spotify then the music in this game.

I do like this game as I think it is beautiful to look at as well as great to play it is just a shame about the difficulty spike and the shitty music that let the game down.

Aaron Morrsi

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