Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) Review

This is one of the games that was launched very soon after the PS4 and it was to show everyone what the PS4 could do over the PS3. I didn’t even know that the Killzone series had a game on the PS4 so that shows my knowledge on it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story in this game is very confusing, I tried to follow it as much as possible while playing but even then, a lot of what was being said made no sense to me, that is when I realised that you would have to off played the other games in the series to make sense of it. Anyway, I’ll try my best to explain as best as possible. This game begins 30 years after Killzone 3 and we are in control of Lucas Kellan who is a Shadow Marshal. His job is to investigate the ongoing war between Vekta and Helghast. The two races share a planet with each other and are only separated by a wall. It is up to Lucas to find out what the Helghast are planning in their bid to win the war and does so by getting captured by them and gets exchanged of a Vekta prisoner called Echo. Lucas then goes back over the wall to find the information about a weapon they have got. After finding out about the weapon he needs to go after the creator of the weapon and find out how to stop it. He gets captured again but this time there is no exchange and is going to be killed, this is when Echo saves his life and tells him about the real version of the war and not what he has been told by the Army. It is then up to Echo and Lucas to stop the weapon from going off and kill all the people in Helghast but Lucas must do so by becoming an outcast from the army, the place he was brought up.

One thing I will give this game is that the story is good and I am glad I paid attention throughout the whole game to get as good a grasp as I possibly could. I wanted to find out more about Echo and who she was, what her part was going to be with the war and what this weapon was going to be. Because of the story in this game it does make me want to go back and play the other Killzone games to find out the whole story. I didn’t like the ending of the game though as I didn’t really make much sense to me and it all seemed to be a bit rushed.

Now the gameplay, the gameplay is bloody awful. I hated it from the start to finish, nothing about the gameplay was good. The game wants you to use the touchpad to control a robot that you sometimes have in the game, it gives you different options depending on what action you make on the touchpad. This would be a great feature to have as I don’t think the touch pad is used as much as it should be. But because of the placement of the touchpad it takes you out of the game as you will need to move one of your thumbs or index fingers to try and move in the right direction. The touchpad in this game is just a glorified D-pad, I don’t even know why they didn’t just use the Dpad to begin with as the only feature that I ever used was the heal button and even then, that was barely used. To show the player what feature they have got selected on the robot it will show you on the middle of the screen, almost all the fucking time. This is such an annoying feature and to whoever developed that feature fuck you. Why couldn’t they have just made a symbol next to the ammo screen in the bottom right corner or was that too much to ask.

I also wished that they had included different types of guns as you only really get 5, one pistol, one shotgun, one sniper rifle (which you can only use for a brief period in one level), one LMG and then what seems to be an infinite number of machine guns that all feel the same. When I play FPS games I like to use a shotgun and a sniper rifle, but for some reason in this game it can’t imagine you being able to do anything expect with a machine gun and then another machine gun as that is all you seem to get offered. At first I had hope, I would go around all the enemies I had just killed and hope to find a new gun but all I would get is either ammo or a different machine gun, occasionally you might get lucky and find a shotgun but even then, you had to get lucky.

This game is also hard, probably the hardest FPS game I have ever played, I died a lot on normal mode. I did finish the game on normal mode but that was only because there isn’t an option of changing the difficulty mid chapter like what call of duty offer. For a guy who doesn’t play FPS very much having that feature would have been great for me so I would have been able to have a more enjoyable time playing instead of wanting to throw the controller through my T.V. Every time I had a bullshit death.

I don’t like this game, other than the story I think it is the worst FPS I have played and that is not just because it is hard. I think the way the game controls feel sluggish and slow compared to the two main FPS games. I want to know why I am not allowed to lie down when hiding behind something as crouching behind it doesn’t work as I still seem to be getting shot. And the music is just plain awful. The story is the only redeeming feature of the game and I am now able to see how I could buy a PS4 game that has only been out for less than 4 years for £3, don’t buy this game there are better things to buy with your money such as a bag of haribos trust me you’ll have more fun.

Aaron Morrsi


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