Pokémon White (DS) Review

Out of all the Pokémon games I have played this is one of my favourites and it is what got me back into Pokémon after a break. Too bad Moon and ORAS ruined that for me. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The whole reason why this game is one of my favourites is because to me it feels like it the only Pokémon game that has got a decent story, instead of just going from gym to gym and defeating a team because they want to take over the world this game has the same sort of style but the reason behind the team is different which was needed in Pokémon. You play as a child who is about to start off on his journey and help the professor, it while on this journey you will come across a boy called N, N doesn’t believe that Pokémon shouldn’t be captured by Pokémon and sets out with his Team to get all trainers to release their Pokémon. It is up to you to show N and Team Plasma that Pokémon are better with Trainers.

This is what makes this Pokémon game on of my favourites because there is an actual story to follow instead of just the same old thing that the previous 4 generations have done. I wished that they still did this sort of thing with Pokémon games instead of making them more childlike.

The game is the best Pokémon had looked at the time, but compared to the latest generation you can see how old it has become. With the pixelated characters and sprites of Pokémon the game is just going to get more and more outdated the more Pokémon progresses.

The music is probably the best in any Pokémon game, I loved hearing it all and this is one of the only Pokémon games I don’t play my own music too, instead I put my headphones in and listen to the music in each new town and each new route. They still do the stupid thing where every time you get onto your bike the music would change, I hated this feature in gen 4 and still hate it now.

This is the first game where the sprites move all the time, they get slower the lower their HP goes. At first you notice this straight away and you look forward to seeing what all the Pokémon look like in battle with their moving sprites. The game just feels better to play with this addition.

This is probably one of the best Pokémon games out there especially compared to the latest gens, it has a great story, great music and just feels great to play. For £20 I can think of worst games to spend it on especially as you get over 30 hours’ worth of content on the main story alone never mind the additional hours you get once you have beaten the elite 4. If you haven’t played this game give it a go I am sure you won’t regret it.

Aaron Morrsi


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