Minions (2015) Review

I have got no idea why I watched this movie, it has been years since I last saw despicable me and I haven’t even seen the other 2 but for some reason it was trending on Netflix and I thought I might as well give it a go. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The movie is a prequel to the first movie, it shows us how the minions become to be Gru’s minions. We see how they first came to be when they were little particles and what their aim in life is. They need to serve someone who is evil. This is when we see them lose hope in their lives when they can’t find anyone to follow. The main part of the movie is then based around the adventures of Kevin, Stuart and Bob as they look for someone to serve.

The story is very simple and very predictable, but I need to remember that this movie is aimed at children so it’s my own fault for watching a movie like this. For a child, the plot is probably about as complicated as they will make it, it has a few twists and turns for them to enjoy but for an adult be prepared to be very bored while watching the minions do the same thing again and again and get the same results.

The comedy is perfect for children, minions hurting themselves or doing something funny in a public place I bet that a child would have loads of fun and laugh loads. Now for me this is very boring and because of how predictable it is I found none of it funny. The humour is so forced that I couldn’t find myself even smiling at any of it.

The music is a different story, I enjoyed the music in this movie. I thought that it had a good choice of music for different scenarios, I especially enjoyed it when Stuart would play his guitar as the music was good and I was quite surprised by it.

The problem with this movie is that it was made because of the brief scenes where the minions where in they made people laugh. That is because they are funny in small bites but when they are the whole movie then it because very boring very quickly hearing the same thing again and again. They need Gru or someone else to add to the comedy levels more otherwise there really isn’t any point.

If you have children and they haven’t seen the movie yet then let have a watch and see what their reaction is to it, but if I was you I would let them watch it on your own and you can find something better to watch elsewhere.

Aaron Morrsi


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