Zom-B Family by Darren Shan Review

I am getting closer and closer to finishing this series, I can’t wait to see what the finale has got in hold but I still have got to get through 2 more books to find out what this is. Anyway, it is time for a review.



After being betrayed and captured by the most heinous survivors of the human race, B Smith lands back in the clutches of a fiend B had hoped to never see again, someone who is intent on making B suffer in the most tortuous ways. Discovering the fate of loved ones from B’s past adds to the agony and calls into question just how much B is willing to sacrifice in the name of justice.

Taken from goodreads

After the ending that we got from the last book I know that I was going to be in for something amazing when I got around to reading this book and I am very happy to not be disappointed. With everything that happened in this book I can say that this one is my favourite in the series so far. So much happened and everything that did happened seemed to have come at a perfect time in the series making it for a great read as nothing was stretched out to long which is what a lot of authors do with characters and scenes.

We find out that B’s dad has joined the KKK and is working with them to keep captured all the coloured people that have come across, keeping them in cages and torturing them. this is when we get to see how far B has come since becoming a zombie, she argues with her dad on how disgusting he is for doing this to people just because of their colour. When we first got to know B, she would never have done this if anything she would have been at his side helping him. The whole story revolving around B and her dad is great to read as it shows the reader that if you family agree with one point then it doesn’t mean you must.

I’m not going to spoil what happens with the rest of the book but I have never felt closer to B then I have in this book. The way that Darren Shan has written it then if you didn’t feel sorry for B for everything that she has been through in the recent time then you have got a heart of stone.

We have the ending and again Darren Shan has left us on a cliff-hanger not as bad as the last one but still bad and it makes me want to jump right back into the book as it was that good.

If you have been waiting for the series to get a bit more action then this is going to be perfect for you as I really enjoyed my read.

Aaron Morrsi

Book Reviews


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