Until Dawn (PS4) Review

This is one of the free games in the PS Plus this month, it is also a game I have heard many good things about, the only reason I never bought the game is because it is a horror and I scare very easily. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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One year ago, a group of friends all went to a cabin on a mountain for a party, it is while at this party that a few of them decide to play a prank on a girl called Hannah. When Hannah finds out about the prank she gets embarrassed and runs away, this is when her sister goes to look for her. It is after she goes looking for her sister that they are never seen again. It has been a year and the group have gone back to the cabin to get together and have a good time like they know the sisters would want them to. The only thing is that things are starting to happen to the group and they don’t know what is causing them, this is where the group go through the night of hell.

For me I think the story is great, I loved playing as each of the characters and finding out more about the events that causes Hannah to run away and how they are coping with the situation at hand. Plus, we also find out more about each of the characters from the other character’s opinions. While playing, you will come across some clues that will help you try and figure out everything that is going on in the cabin and the surrounding area. I think the clues are a great addition to the game as it gives the game some unexpected collectables and getting them all together will help the group survive the night.

Some of the characters I really enjoyed as I found them to be funny and have great reactions to some of the vents that had happened but then others I am glad died in the game as they were the most annoying characters I have played as. Characters like Mike and Chris I really enjoyed as they give the group a better chance of survival, I also liked Jess as a character as she showed that her confident exterior was just a show and she showed her shy self to her boyfriend. Characters like Ashely and Emily were just awful and I have no idea why they were made into the game, all they did was scream and did nothing productive, Emily would find someone to blame other than herself the whole time and Ashley didn’t seem to do a single thing throughout the whole game.

I think the game looked great, very dark a lot of the time but that just added to the atmosphere as you weren’t able to tell if something was hiding in the shadows or if you needed to hide from something in the shadows.

The music played a big part for the game as without it then I don’t think it would have been as good as a horror game as it was. The music helped with all the jump scares as well as when the characters were being chased. When the characters where being chased then the music would start to pick up the pace causing you as the player to want to control the character as best as you can in order to make sure they don’t die. If it wasn’t for the music then I don’t think I would have felt as strongly towards the characters as I did.

The game is an interactive movie which basically, means be prepared for a lot of quick time events, every action you do will involve a QTE in order to progress. I do like this in this type of game where every decision you make counts towards the ending as it makes every decision more intense but I do wish they would give you just a little bit more time to press the right button as I found myself missing a few times because it was going that fast. I do like the don’t move feature they included, as it brings the game to life as it means that you as the player are going to be in charge of not moving the controller or something will happen to your characters you are currently playing as.

One thing I don’t like is how when you can move the character freely then they move very sluggish and seem to have a turning circle of a car. If you need to move straight then you are fine but if you need to turn then it feels very luck based if you get it the first time, this for me does take you out of the game a bit as it means you must focus more on being able to get your character through the door.

I do like this game which surprised me a lot, it got to the point where I was looking forward to being able to play it when I got home from work as I was enjoying the story that much. I do wish they made better characters and made the movement control better but other than that I don’t have any complaints. Give this a go if you can get it for free and if not then it is worth the £30 in my opinion.

If you do want to buy the game then here is a link for you to use: Until Dawn

Aaron Morrsi


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