InFamous First Light (PS4) Review

This game was on sale recently and seeing how I really enjoyed my time playing InFamous Second Son I thought playing through the prequel would be pretty good and learn more about Fetch in the meantime. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the life of Fetch, who ran away from her parents after they found out she was a conduit. Her parents were going to give her to the DUP but her brother had other ideas, he got her out of the house and made sure she still had her freedom. The game takes place 2 years before the events of InFamous Second Son as Fetch and her brother about to make a getaway to Canada but just before that they have got one more job to do which will set them for a good while. It is while doing the job that Fetch’s brother gets kidnapped and it is up to Fetch to find him and make sure they can get away and follow the dream.

The story is alright, it has a few twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting but then I found other parts to be very predictable and I hate that in a story. The story was good enough to keep me entertained and keep me motivated to keep playing the game for the whole 4 hours it takes but if it was going to be any longer that something new would have to be implemented as I felt like I was doing the same thing again and again for the same reaction.

Speaking of doing the same thing again and again it felt like that was what I was doing for the whole game. it was a case of doing one mission for one guy another mission for another guy and then be brought back to the present and show of some new power, then it was rinse and repeat until the game had ended. At first I was enjoying the game but the last half was boring and I was glad the story was interesting enough to keep me going.

The game looks great and it was great going back to the bright and colourful world of conduits. Fetch’s powers of Neon look great with all the bright purple and pink being shot from all over the place. For a game that is 3 years old I would find it very hard to find something that looks better than this game on the PS4. With how the game tries and looks realistic with the neon powers is just a great mix and I love it.

The music is okay, nothing to get too excited about, it is very bass heavy which I do like but I think a lot of it sounds the same and more could have been added, but I didn’t really pay that much attention to the music as so much was happening on the screen.

The game is good and for the sale price of £3.99 I think it is a great deal but I wouldn’t buy it for £17.95 as I don’t think it is long enough to be worth that price. If you enjoyed the Second Son, then buy this game as it tells us more about the mysterious character that is Fetch.

If you do want to buy the game then here is a link : Infamous First Light

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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