Zom-B Fugitive by Darren Shan Review

This is the penultimate book in the series and because of this I was going into it expecting some great things to get ready for the final book. Anyway, it is time for a review.



After learning the dark secrets hidden in Mr. Dowling’s twisted mind, B is on the run. She escapes the clown’s clutches and weaves her way through London’s abandoned Underground, only to find that Mr. Dowling has laid siege to the Angels’ base in County Hall. And when B learns of the history between Mr. Dowling and someone she trusted, she realizes that she can’t rely on anyone—B, and B alone, is the only one who can save humanity.

Taken from Goodreads

My Opinion

So much happened in this book and everything that did happen I was wanting from the start. We got to find out more information about the characters, find out more about the doctors past and we as find out what Burke and Rage had found from the folders in Timothy’s apartment. With everything that was in this book it has set up what is going to be great final book.

From the moment when Burke comes back into country hall trying to kill Dr Oystein I have wondered exactly what was in those files to make Burke go from loving the man to trying to kill him and we finally get to find out. What we find out is not expected and that just makes the surprise that much better which makes for a better read.

It was great seeing how B was able to get from Mr Dowling’s base across London to try and give Oystein the vial she has kept inside of her. The struggle she had to go through just to try and be the good guy and make sure that the world goes back to the living just like the way it used to be. Her mental and physical limits have been reached but she still pushes on just to try and save the world. Reading through this you feel like you are going on the journey with B and want to make sure she doesn’t give up and sees everything out until the end.

I think Darren Shan did a great job with this book as it has made me become even more excited to read the final book in the series and I know he would have done a great job on it.

Aaron Morrsi

Book Reviews


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