Archer Season 1 Review

I have heard a lot about this show and how great it is but I never seemed to get around to watching it. I got a friend of mine to choose between 5 shows for me to watch and he choose this one, so it is time for a review.


We follow the life of the people who work for the spy agency called ISIS, the main character is called Archer and he is an undercover spy even though he tells everyone about it. We follow as he and the rest of the group get into strange situations and then they try to get themselves out of it. Each new episode will give you a new story so you have got something new to look forward to when you start the next one. The running joke of the agency is no matter how hard they try they always get beaten to the post for anything by another spy agency called ODIN, a lot of the events that the group become a part of is trying to show to the world they are better than ODIN.

I find the story of this show to be great, of course I do wish more than one thing would carry on from episode to episode but I do like the way that Adam Reed has given each episode its own story which means more wacky events that the group can be a part of. Plus, with each new story means that you are going to find something new to laugh at with each passing episode.

if you haven’t watched the show yet then be prepared to laugh a lot at all the jokes that are made, the weird events that the group ends up in and overall the abuse that is given to Pam is a personal favourite. This is probably the funniest show I have watched since Rick and Morty and I am loving every minute of it.

The way the show looks is great, I like the way they have given the characters a comic book style look but given a lot of the backgrounds a lot of detail. This means while you are focusing on the characters and what they are doing you will end up looking at the surrounding area to see what everything looks like.

The intro is amazing, I love the music that they play over the top and even though it does offer to skip the intro on Netflix I didn’t press it once as I was enjoying the spy music that was playing. The intro is a lot of colourful squares with a silhouette of the main characters and after you have watched a few episodes you get to know which character is which silhouette.

The best thing about this show has got to be the voice acting, I think that each character suits the voice they have been given. My personal favourites are Dr. Krieger (Lucky Yates) and Pam Poovery (Amber Nash) even though neither of these are major characters I love the voices they have got, plus when they are on screen they give the show even more humour.

This show is amazing and I recommended that anyone over the age of 18 watches it as it is probably the funniest adult cartoon out there.

Aaron Morrsi


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