Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4) Review

After having an okay time with Mirror’s Edge I wanted to see what the sequel had to offer and hopefully it would be a lot better than the first. Anyway, it is time for a review.


You play as Faith in this prequel to the first game, this is before she has the tattoos and really knows who her sister is. The game starts with Faith being released from prison and going straight back to the runners where she belongs. She meets up with a new runner and Noah, the person who had raised her since her parents died, this is when she is asked to prove herself by doing a few runs to get back into shape and show she is worth being part of the runners. Not long after becoming a part of the runners again Gabriel Kruger who is the CEO of Kruger Security starts tightening focus around the runners making life harder for them and this is all because Faith stole something from him. It is from the item that she stole that the runner find out about reflection and this starts the story where Faith does everything in her power to stop this from affecting the public the way that very few know how.

I think the story is the best thing about this game, it has everything you could want. It has action around every corner, a friendship coming from places you didn’t expect, a super cute robot called Kuma and death. I did see the death coming right from the start and it was only a matter of time before it happened but it was still enjoyable to play through the game to this point.

The voice acting is on the total opposite end of the spectrum, I think the voice acting is just plain awful with only two people doing any better than average. The main character Faith who is voiced by Faye Kingslee is someone you are going to be hearing a lot of and it is to my disappointment that that Kingslee did an awful job, there was no passion in her voice when there needed to be it all felt the same no matter what event was happening. The only voice actors I can give any praise from the game is Jim Pirri (Noah) and Tim Kang (Dogen) this is because they both played small parts in the game but when they talked you could tell that they were passionate what they were talking about and it was a piece of fresh air compared to the rest of the crew.

The biggest thing about this game, the thing that makes it as popular as it is the free running aspect of it. The fact that you run everywhere and there is no obstacle that can get in your way this game should be so much fun but it is because of exactly this that made the game be one of the most boring games I have played since starting this site and reviewing 103 different games. All you do is run, and the occasional fighting and grappling hook part that is all. You can fast travel a little bit and if you don’t want to be bored out of your mind then I recommend that you do this just to be able to beat the game faster. Yes, the game plays very well when you are running and you get to full speed but after 2 hours of this you want something new to spice it up instead of playing through 8 and a half hours’ worth of running. One of the ways they did try to spice the game up is with combat, this would have been great if not for the upgrade feature that is included in this game. At first the combat is hard to get used to and is difficult which I liked but when you are fully upgraded in combat (which you will do with a normal run of the game) then the fights become more of a pain just because they get more regular even though you can now beat them without taking a hit. All this does it take you out of the fast-paced running and into an annoying combat scene.

The game itself looks good, if you really like the colours white, blue and red as that is pretty much all you will see. The only thing that is different from the colour scheme is the black in which just about every single character seems to be wearing. For me this makes the game that much more boring, who wants to see the same thing again and again, I think this is just bad design from the developers.

Now the worst thing about this game is the loading times, if you die or are coming back to the game after a break then be prepared for loading times which you probably haven’t seen since Skyrim. I understand why Skyrim has such long loading times as that is one of the biggest open world games right now, yes this game is open world but in comparison this game is tiny yet I am sure it takes longer to load then Skyrim and is just another reason why this game is awful.

In my review of Mirror’s Edge I said the best thing about that game is the music and I still stand by that so I was excited to see what the game had to offer. I think they did a good job with the music especially with the beat that gets faster the faster you are moving in game but I don’t think it matches to the quality of Mirror’s Edge and I am disappointed yet again.

Do I recommend that you play this game? yes if you are a fan of the first game then give this one a go and get a new story that will tell you more about the characters you have come to love. If you aren’t a fan of the first game then don’t waste your money on this game as it is not worth the money you would pay no matter how cheap.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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