Lara Croft Go (PC) Review

This is one of those games that I own that I have no idea how I own them or how they managed to get onto my steam library, but after noticing I finally got around to playing the game and now it is time for a review.


You play as Lara croft in this turn based puzzle game as you try and make your way through different levels to find the three keys needed to open the door to get the treasure. There really isn’t a lot of story in this game and it is a bit disappointing as I wanted to know why she was going after the treasure and where exactly we are but we got none of that.

I think the game looks very basic and you can tell that it has been ported onto mobile devices as nothing about the game is graphically challenging. It has a low poly look which I have come to really like and I think that Square Enix have done a good job in making a simple look be enjoyable to look at while playing through the game. The character models such as Lara and the snakes and spiders are all basic designs but I still think they look decent.

The music is nothing to rave home about, after I saw how the game looked I hoped that they would put a lot more effort into the music to make up for it but unfortunately, they didn’t. The music just sound generic the whole time, nothing to make you stop to listen to the music and take everything in.

There are two different ways you can play this on PC, with the mouse or with a controller. For some reason when Square Enix were making it for the PC they didn’t think that a game were you only move 4 directions would benefit from keyboard control. For the PC, the best way to play is with the mouse as it allows for better accuracy when making your moves as the number of times that I went the wrong way because the controller didn’t input my movement in correctly is just stupid and ruins the game for me. The whole game feels buggy with how it is meant to be played and it is just another example of how Square Enix don’t care about PC gaming.

This game will take about 4 hours to play, the game will fly by at first with the easy puzzles that you need to solve but onto the last two levels before the credits then things go a bit slower as the puzzles become harder and will take more time to be able to figure out what you need to do to progress.

The game costs £7.99 and for 4 hours’ worth of gameplay then it really isn’t worth it, the game looks decent but that is all I can give it. No story, okay music and an overall short game which I can only give a rating of Meh find a different game to spend your money on.

Aaron Morrsi

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