Archer Season 2 Review

I really enjoyed watching the first season and I just jumped straight into the second one as soon as I finished my review. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We get more episodes in season 2 compared to the first season which is great as it means we get to see more of Archer and the rest of the group in ISIS. It is great to see all the weird adventures they get into and just how they manage to cope with the addition of a new recurring character that no one wanted and a deadly disease that might kill one of the main characters. We still have the running story of trying to find out which one of the 3 potential men is Archers father. So much more seems to happen in this season and I also noticed that what happened in previous episodes does get mentioned a lot more as which is great to see as I love a progressing story.

The show looks the same as the previous season so we are still good on this front with the realistic looking back ground with the comic like characters in the foreground. It is still weird to look at in some parts of the show such as when Archer and Lana are chasing a guy in the Monaco grand prix when we get an above shot it looks so weird having the comic characters being in a realistic drawing of a road but I have really come to love this.

It is the characters in the show that make it as good as it is. You have a little bit of something in each character that just makes the show hilarious. Of course, we have got Archer who is a working alcoholic who will stop at nothing to find a good-looking girl to sleep with and if he has the time save the company. Then Lana who is Archers ex who is just trying to show every how good a woman she is and can do everything better then Archer. I love when the two of them work together as it has great chemistry plus the fact that Archer won’t let Lana forget that they used to date and Lana still has feelings for him. I feel like Pam is an underappreciated character, a lot of the character in show hate her and make fun of her all the time but it is some of the lines she says that makes a joke even funnier such as what is soon going to be her catchphrase of Sploosh whenever something remotely sexy happens.

The intro is still just as good as the first season as it is the same one as before. I hope in season 3 they change the intro slightly to include woodhouse as I think he needs to have some love in the show especially after having to cope with Archer every day.

The show is even funnier this season around with more jokes and more scenes which you wouldn’t expect coming out of nowhere.  it is because of this that I am loving the show so much as you never know if you are going to be wetting yourself laughing at whatever happens on screen or if you should cringe at what is being said by Cheryl or Pam.

If you liked season 1 then you are going to love season 2 as it is just so much better than the first one.

Aaron Morrsi


tv review


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