The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Review

I had no idea that this movie was even a thing until my girlfriend mentioned about going to see it, I was surprised to find out that the movie had Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds and yet I still didn’t know anything about the movie. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the life of Michael Bryce who is a triple A bodyguard and prides himself in never having anyone die on his watch. That is until a Japanese arms dealer is killed and Michael Bryce had no idea how he died. Two years later he has lost his triple A status and is now looking after drug-addicted corporate executives. On the other end of the scale Kincaid a famous assassin is about to sign a deal that will put an evil dictator in prison and free his wife. The trail for the evil dictator Vladislav Dukhovich is in Amsterdam that means that Bryce has got to get Kincaid from Manchester to Amsterdam in a day. Ohhh and they both hate each other and have tried to kill each other many times.

For me I think the story is okay but is very predictable from start to finish. When you are first introduced to the character you can tell from the off that they are going to hate each other but end up liking each other and becoming friends. Not only that but the bad guy out of the two is going to end up being the good guy and saving everyone. I found this to be very boring as it just seems to be the same thing with every movie of this sort, I do wish that with a great cast like this one they made a bit of a change. Other than that I did find the story to be great as it was full of action scenes to keep the audience entertained and funny clips every now and then which got most of the audience laughing.

The movie looked great especially in the car chases and gun fight scenes as that is the best I have seen from a movie so far. There was so much happening with numerous cars and numerous guns going off you will struggle to see everything. One thing that does let the movie down slightly is that during an explosion scene which is obviously green screen the edges around Samuel L. Jacksons head is blurry but if I wasn’t looking at the edge of his head at the time I don’t think I would have even noticed. It is something so small but I do think that the editor could have done a better job with this piece of editing.

The music is what makes the movie in my opinion, every time a piece of music is played I instantly fell in love with the song. With a bit of Ram Jam’s Black Betty on a car chase scene and during a heavy fight scene when you want to get the audience pumped up and get excited about the fight scene then the company decides to play a bit of scream which just fit perfectly with ton of the fight and I loved every second. This is the first movie I have seen in a long time that has such a wide range of music in the movie and it is great to see again.

The acting is another plus point in the movie. Of course we all know at this point that Ryan Reynolds is fantastic at everything he does and he shows this in his role in this movie, with great fighting skills and comedy style it fits perfectly. Samuel L. Jackson also plays his role very well as well, for me I think he is the main comedy actor in the movie as just about everything he says will make you laugh as he doesn’t care what anybody thinks of his and it clearly shows. Of course I have to mention Salma Hayek who plays a part I didn’t think I would ever see from her and that is a badass wife, with all the swearing and fighting she does it is weird to see but I think she does a good job and I would happily like to see her do the same thing again.

So what do I think of this movie? I think it is a god movie with a great choice of actors and music for everyone to love I just wish that they just changed the story line a little bit to make it a bit less predictable and actually try and shock me but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Go and see this movie as it is still great and will make you laugh just don’t be surprised about the bad story line.

Aaron Morrsi

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