Blue Mountain State: Rise of Thadland (2015) Review

After loving the series of Blue Mountain State I was looking forward to watching the movie straight away but I ended up waiting 6 months before watching it. Anyway, movie has been watched and it is time for a review.


Thad has now become a pro footballer, he signed his first contract after being the first draft pick, this allowed him to get $50 million. At the same time Alex has just been given the Goat house to call his own in his final year but there is something in his way and that is the new dean, the dean wants to sell the Goat House so that the football team is no longer able to do this. The only person that Alex knows who is both stupid enough as well as rich enough to buy the house is Thad and his new contract. However the only way that Thad is going to buy the goat house is if Alex is able to make a party which Thad thought of when he was ten happen.

The story is not too great but it is still good. It has all the humour that you will come to expect from the boys at BMS, as well as have a few twists and turns in to keep you on your feet but for some reason after loving the series so much I wanted something more from the movie. The end twist that happens is something I was actually not expecting and was great to see. You do have to see the TV series first before watching the movie as the story wont make much sense to the people who haven t as it is a follow up of the final season.

The acting is fantastic in the show as the guys are still able to play the college age teenagers very well and make jokes regarding women, drinking and drugs just about every other words but yet still keep it very entertaining throughout the movie. You would think after the 4th joke regarding drugs that it would get old but somehow the BMS formula makes each joke just as funny as the last. Alan Ritchson (Thad) does a good job of playing his role as a stupid guy with only four things on his mind, drugs, money, women and football. If you didn’t know better then you might actually think that it might be just him playing himself.

One part of the movie I do like is that one of the main BMS characters comes out as gay (which I was not expecting at all) and every single football player as well as everyone else is happy for the guy and doesn’t make a big deal about it (expect for Thad) which is the way it should be for everyone.

The movie looks great, with the mixture of party music playing the whole time as well as the different attractions that Thadland has got to offer you know that you aren’t going to be getting bored at any time while watching the movie.

I do think that the movie is great and is just as funny as the TV series as it crams all the comedy that you might get from one season into an hour and a half. You will find yourself laughing at all the situations that Thad, Alex, Sammy and the rest of the group get up in the movie. Give it a watch I am sure you wont regret it.

Aaron Morrsi

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