Cavefall (Android App) Review

It has been sometime since I have finished a game on my phone, I start them, get bored and unistall the app. To be exact it has been 7 months since I last finished a game on my phone. I have been playing cavefall for two weeks and finally finished it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


This is an app that has only been installed about 5 thousand times and the only reason I know that it existed is because I saw the person who made it advertise it on a post on Imgur. I liked the look of the game from the images he posted and thought I might as well give the game a go. Here is the link to that post to see for yourself.

The aim of the game is to fall down a cave and find lost notes of people who have been here before you. When you find the notes you will find out more about what these caves have got offer and what exactly the people before you found. You will have to battle monsters on your way down as well as spikes and slippery walls that will make the game even harder.

Of course this game is a free game so I didn’t go in expecting there to be any sort of story so considering what we get I think the game does well for a story line. You need to find all the lost notes in order to get to the next level, this means you get to read about every little detail the game has got to offer you and after a while you get attached the notes as you want to know more about the story and what it has got offer.

The game looks amazing, it has got what I love and that is pixel art graphics. Of course this was the main selling point for me when I saw the above post. I think the main character looks great, with his ice picks and think jacket you cant go wrong here. Plus the enimies which range from flying octupie to bats all in pixel art just look amazing.

The music is another good seller for the game (even if it is free) when playing I found myself enjoying the game more with the sound as you get to here the great music as well as the sound effects the monsters make once you hit them with your ice picks.

With the game being a freefall game you only really need to use on thumb and that is to press the screen when you want to switch which side of the screen you are on. This is what makes or breaks a game like this, if the controls are bad then the game basically becomes unplayable but luckly the game controls to perfection. I did not notice a single fault with the controls the whole time I was playing.

The lost notes come up at what seems to be random times, for me the game took about an hour of playing to find all the notes and get a few of the powerups which are offered. I think the game is well worth the download, it currently has a 4.9 rating after 5 thousand downloads so it is not just me who thinks the game is great, go and give it a go.

Aaron Morrsi

App Review


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